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Akiko Yano

Akiko Yano cover art

Track Listing

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2Ramen Tabetai5:58
5Gokigen Wanisan3:00
6Owari no Kisetsu3:49
7Omacha No Cha Cha Cha4:30
10Komado Kara3:37
11Furimukeba Kaeru4:02
12Home Sweet Home6:10

About this Album

Akiko Yano was an established force in the Japanese music world by the time she moved to New York and this self-titled Nonesuch debut introduced her to the United States in 1990. A compilation of her best work from the 1980s, the album was described by LA Weekly as music that “expands, contracts, coos and rocks, bustles and blooms,” simultaneously navigating the worlds of pop, rock, and jazz with ease.


Carlos Vega, drums (1, 7, 9)
Willie Weeks, bass (1, 7, 9)
Dean Parks, electric guitar (1, 7, 9)
Kenji Omura, electric guitar (1, 2, 7-9, 11, 12)
Kiyohiko Senba, percussion (1)
Akiko Yano, piano, vocals, synthesizer (6), keyboards (8),
Ryuichi Sakamoto, synthesizer (1, 2, 7, 9), background vocals (2), piano (5), glockenspiel (7), keyboards (8, 11, 12)
Joe Strings, strings (1, 2)
Masahiro Takekawa, violin (1), background vocals (8)
Chuei Yahikawa, ukulele, acoustic guitar (1, 9), banjo (11), acoustic guitar (12)
Yukihiro Takahashi, drums (2, 6)
Haruomi Hosono, bass (2), synthesizer (6), acoustic guitar (6)
Motoya Namaguchi, percussion (2, 9), drums (7)
Keiichi Suzuki, background vocals (2, 8)
Peter Barakan, background vocals (2)
Yuji Takahashi, piano (4, 10)
Bill Payne, organ (7)
Shin Kazahara, trumpet (7, 9)
Satoshi Nakamura, alto sax (7, 9), tenor sax (9)
Yukihiro Takahashi, drums (8, 12)
Saeko Suzuki, background vocals (8)
Shigeharu Mukai, trombone (9)
Tatsuro Yamashita, background vocals (9)
Ray Ohara, bass (10)
Haruo Kubota, guitars (11)
Yashuro Mitani, background vocals (11)

Compilation by John Zorn and Robert Hurwitz
Engineers; Shinichi Tanaka, Kinji Yoshino, Shigeru Takise, Tatsuo Umezu, Peggy McCreary, Hideaki Okuhara, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Cover photograph by Kazumi Kurigami
Design by Hajime Tachibana
Cover design: Anne Johnson

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