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Beloved That Pilgrimage: Songs of Copland, Barber, Chanler

Beloved That Pilgrimage: Songs of Copland, Barber, Chanler cover art

Track Listing

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1Eight Epitaphs: 1. Alice Rodd (Theodore Chanler)1:31
2Eight Epitaphs: 2. Susannah Fry (Theodore Chanler)1:30
3Eight Epitaphs: 3. Three Sisters (Theodore Chanler)1:15
4Eight Epitaphs: 4. Thomas Logge (Theodore Chanler)1:22
5Eight Epitaphs: 5. A Midget (Theodore Chanler)1:48
6Eight Epitaphs: 6. "No Voice To Scold" (Theodore Chanler)1:08
7Eight Epitaphs: 7. Ann Poverty (Theodore Chanler):35
8Eight Epitaphs: 8. "Be Very Quiet Now" (Theodore Chanler)1:11
9Hermit Songs: I. At Saint Patrick's Purgatory (Samuel Barber)1:23
10Hermit Songs: II. Church Bell at Night (Samuel Barber)0:48
11Hermit Songs: III. St. Ita's Vision (Samuel Barber)2:40
12Hermit Songs: IV. The Heavenly Banquet (Samuel Barber)1:10
13Hermit Songs: V. The Crucifixion (Samuel Barber)1:53
14Hermit Songs: VI. Sea-Snatch (Samuel Barber):39
15Hermit Songs: VII. Promiscuity (Samuel Barber):53
16Hermit Songs: VIII. The Monk and His Cat (Samuel Barber)2:05
17Hermit Songs: IX. The Praises of God (Samuel Barber):56
18Hermit Songs: X. The Desire for Hermitage (Samuel Barber)3:08
19Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 1. Nature, the gentles mother (Aaron Copland)3:39
20Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 2. There came a wind like a bugle (Aaron Copland)1:21
21Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 3. Why do they shut me out of Heaven? (Aaron Copland)1:45
22Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 4. The world feel dusty (Aaron Copland)1:39
23Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 5. Heart, we will forget him (Aaron Copland)2:05
24Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 6. Dear March, come in! (Aaron Copland)2:01
25Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 7. Sleep is supposed to be (Aaron Copland)2:21
26Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 8. When they come back (Aaron Copland)1:40
27Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 9. I felt a funeral in my brain (Aaron Copland)1:58
28Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 10. I've heard an organ talk sometimes (Aaron Copland)2:09
29Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 11. Going to Heaven! (Aaron Copland)2:37
30Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: 12. The Chariot (Aaron Copland)3:12

About this Album

Baritone Sanford Sylvan performs songs by American composers Theodore Chanler, Samuel Barber, and Aaron Copland. The Boston Globe praised the performances' "intelligence, musicianship, [and] sensitivity to poetry and to the sound of words,” adding that Sylvan “is one of America's master singers.”


Sanford Sylvan, baritone
David Breitman, piano

Recorded June 1990 at Methuen Hall, Methuen, Massachusetts
Engineered by Everett Porter

Texts by Walter de la Mare (1-8), anon. Irish texts (9-18), Emily Dickinson (19-30)

Design: John Heiden
Cover photograph: Joel Meyerowitz

Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

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