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Critical Praise

  • “Ragged interplay of lone guitar and drums, and an ability to find space for innovation amid tight musical constraints...Such is the ingenuity on display here.”

  • Brothers finds them getting in touch with their soulful side, with falsetto vocals and vintage Stax grooves nicely mixed in with the usual grimy riffs.”

  • “The Akron band’s raging punk blues has moved into a leaner and meaner rock/funk strut on this sixth album.”

  • “Experimental, dirty blues, played with passion and purpose; Brothers is proof that funky lessons have been learnt and the business is refreshed rather than resumed. Just six months on from showing us how far they’d come, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney give us a glimpse of how far they can still go.”

  • Brothers is actively engaged in exploring how to make beloved old sounds relevant to now, and the result is that even classic Black Keys howlers like “Black Mud” and “Ten Cent Pistol” come off more vital in the new context.”

  • “…a lush, soulful sound often reminiscent of the early ‘70s when blues and soul frequently collided head-on.”

  • “Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have moved beyond the garage and the blues and are now making quintessentially American music.”

  • “…hard-hitting, retro-rock gold.”
    Brothers bursts with gritty garage soul.”

  • “Raw, ragged blues-rock recorded at Alabama’s legendary Muscle Shoals studios...stunning.”

  • Brothers expands deep into soul territory…warmth and creative energy ooze from every groove of this great record.”


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