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Bulgaria: Village and Folk Music of Bulgaria

About this Album

Two albums of field recordings are combined here, showcasing the rich traditions of Bulgarian folklore and its accompanying music. The New York Times noted that “Bulgarian music leaves few listeners unmoved ... [I]ts virtuosity, its eerie beauty and its sheer intensity are instantly memorable.”


Musicians of Leva Reka and Kovachevtsi, Shope (1); Kermen, Thrace (2); Obidim, Pirin-Macedonia (3, 13, 15-19, 22); unknown geography (4); Bistritsa, Shope (5); Studena, Shope (6); Arda, Rhodope (7, 11); Smolyan, Rhodope (8, 9); Momchelovtsi and Sokolovtski, Rhodope (10, 12); Sandanski (14, 24); Petrich (20); Teplen (21); Krustiltski (23, 25)

Produced by Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig
Collected in Bulgaria in 1968
Recording Engineer: David B. Jones
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig (Masterdisk Corp.)
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Cover art: Peter Schaumann

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