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Cornet Favorites / Highlights from "Cousins"

Cornet Favorites / Highlights from "Cousins"  cover art

Track Listing

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1From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific (Herbert L. Clarke)5:55
2Sounds from the Hudson-Valse Brillante (Herbert L. Clarke)5:18
3Willow Echoes (Frank Simon)4:49
4Fantaisie and Variations on "The Carnival of Venice" (Jean Baptiste Arban)7:39
5At the Beach-Concert Waltz (Virgil Thomson)4:35
6The Débutanté-Caprice Brillante (Herbert L. Clarke)5:18
7Slavische Fantasie (Carl Höhne)8:16
8The Bride of the Waves-Polka Brillante (Herbert L. Clarke)5:42
9Cousins (Herbert L. Clarke)3:55
10Polka-Exposition Echos (Arthur Pryor)3:27
11The Maid of the Mist-Polka (Herbert L. Clarke)3:50
12a) Shoutin' Liza Trombone-One Step (Mose Trombone's Ah-finity) b) Teddy Trombone-A Brother to Miss Trombone (Henry Fillmore)5:15
13The Cascades-Polka Brilliant (Clay Smith)4:02

About this Album

An "essential for any serious collection of Americana," says the Washington Post, Cornet Favorites "represents the kind of music that was played to while away summer Sunday afternoons on bandstands all over America" in the early 20th century. Schwarz, the Post concludes, "catches precisely the blend of relaxed enjoyment and technical brilliance the music requires."


Gerard Schwarz, cornet
William Bolcom, piano (1-8)
Ronald Barron, trombone (9-13)
Kenneth Cooper, piano (9-13)

Recorded September 1973 (tracks 1-8) and December 1976 (tracks 9-13) at Rutgers Presbyterian Church, New York
Engineering and musical supervision: Marc J. Aubort, Joanna Nickrenz (Elite Recordings, Inc.)
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig at Masterdisk Corp.
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Cover art: Gordon Kibbee

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