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Dances: A Renaissance Revel

About this Album

Dances is a selection of works from the heart of the repertory of dance music from the mid-15th to early 17th centuries, most of which was written and performed for the royalty and privileged classes. The pieces range from the austere “La Spagna” setting of Guglielmo to the light hearted volta, said to have been a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I. The abundant melodic and rhythmic surprises illustrate the high level of musical and choreographic sophistication of the time, providing a fresh perspective on a centuries-old practice.


Lucy Bardo, treble and bass viols, vielle
Lawrence Benz, tenor and bass sackbuts, recorders, krummhorns
Allan Dean, cornetto, recorders, krummhorns
Ben Harms, percussion, recorders, krummhorns, bass viol, pipe-and-tabor
David Hart, recorder, krummhorn

Produced and engineered by Judith Sherman
Recorded May 1981 at Christ Church United Methodist, New York
Additional recording April 1982 at the hall of the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church,  Brooklyn, New York
Production coordinator: Elise Keen
LP mastered by Michele Stone, Elektra Sound Recorders
CD pre-mastering by WCI Record Group

Cover illustration: R.O. Belchman

Director: Keith Holzman

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