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Echu Mingua

Echu Mingua cover art

Track Listing

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1San Juan y Martínez (Miguel “Angá” Díaz, Juan Miguel Díaz Zayas)1:45
2Rezos (Miguel “Angá” Díaz, Joel Hierrezuelo Balart)4:09
3Pueblo Nuevo (Israel López)4:29
4Tumé Tumé (Baba Sissoko)2:55
5A Love Supreme (John Coltrane)5:49
6Gandinga Mondongo Sandunga (Frank Emilio Flynn)5:31
7Dracula Simon (Miguel “Angá” Díaz, Orlando “Cachaíto” López, Malik Mezzadri)2:42
8Round Midnight (Thelonius Monk)2:07
9Jerry’s Tune (Miguel “Angá” Díaz)0:54
10Oda Maritima (Pablo Nemirovsky)4:44
11Freeform (Miguel “Angá” Díaz, Baba Sissoko, Daniel Bigeault)3:10
12Conga Carnaval (Chucho Valdés)5:25
13Closing (Miguel “Angá” Díaz)2:42

About this Album

With his explosive soloing and inventive five conga patterns, Cuban musician Miguel "Angá" Díaz was one of the world's great congueros. Echu Mingua, his debut album as a bandleader, is an innovative set. Angá saw this project as representing his journey in music—from learning at the feet of traditional rumba masters in his rural village, to joining the foremost experimental band in Cuba Irakere, his sojourns with innovative US jazz musicians Steve Coleman and Roy Hargrove, then back to his roots with the Afro-Cuban All Stars, Rubén González, and opening doors with the great Cuban bassist Cachaíto López.

Echu Mingua features an extraordinary range of styles including Angá's unique and experimental take on classics of Cuban and jazz repertoire, original African, DJ, contemporary Argentine, and improvised music. He fused these elements the "Cuban way" into an organic whole that was referred to as Rumbadelica. Among the stellar cast of musicians are Cachaíto López, Malian griot Baba Sissoko, pioneering French hip-hop DJ Dee Nasty, Magic Malik on flute, and virtuoso Cuban pianists Chucho Valdés and Rubén González.


El Indio, vocals (1, 2, 12)
Angá Diaz, percussion (1, 2), congas (1-13), timbales (1-3, 11), backing vocals (2), guiro (3), cajones (9)
Baba Sissoko, tamani (1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 13), n’goni (3, 4), vocals (4, 5)
Joel Hierrezuelo Balart, vocals (2), timbales (5), percussion (12, 13), coro (12, 13)
Carlos Alfonso, vocals (2)
Eliane Castillo, vocals (2), coro (5, 12, 13)
Ele Valdés, Arlety Valdés, Melvis Estevez, Yudelkis Lafuente, vocals (2), coro (5, 13)
Roberto Fonseca, piano (2, 5, 10)
Orlando “Cachaíto” López, bass (2-8, 10, 12), backing vocals (2)
Dee Nasty, turntables (2-6, 10-12)
“Goyo” Gregorio H. Rios, batá (2, 4, 5), solo vocals (2), clave (2), shekere (4), vocals (5), percussion (13), coro (13)
Marcos H. Díaz Scull, batá (2, 4), cajon (2), congas (2), shekere (4), coro (13), percussion (13)
Maximino Duquesne Martínez, bata (2, 5), cajon (2), congas (2), coro (13), percussion (13)
Rubén González, piano solo; Rubencito González, piano; Manuel “Guajiro” Mirabal, trumpet (3)
Lázaro Dayán Soria, shekere (4), batá (4), coro (13), percussion (13)
Malik Mezzadri, flute (4, 7)
Yosvani Díaz Herrera, batá (5)
Yauré Muñiz, trumpet (5, 6, 12)
Alfred Thompson, tenor saxophone (5)
Ariel Sardvy, Humberto Legat, violins; Gerardo Garcia, Javier Filiu, Silvio Duquesne, Rogelio Martinez, Hugo Cruz José Maron, Angel Zaldivar, violas; Roberto Herrera Diaz, Enrique Navarro Galces, Roy Avila, Arelis Zaldivar, cellos (5)
David Alfaro, piano; Amadito Valdés, timbales; Carlos González, bongos (6)
Pierre Blanchard, violin; Alfonso Pacin, viola; Jean François Ott, cello (8, 10)
Claire Merlet, violin; Claude Mouton, bass; Pablo Nemirovsky, bandoneon; Yinka Oyelwole, spoken word (10)
Simon Burwell, bass; Malik Mezzadri, flute (11)
Chucho Valdés, piano; Jorge Chicoy, guitar; Enrique Pla, drums; Robam Filio, alto saxophone; Irving Acao, tenor saxophone; Rafael “Jimmy” Jenks, tenor saxophone; Basilio Marquéz, trumpet (12)
Julio Padrón, trumpet (12), coro (12, 13)

Produced by Angá Díaz and Nick Gold with Dan Thress
Recorded and mixed by Jerry Boys
Musical Directors: Angá Díaz, Demetrio Muñiz, Pablo Nemirovsky
Recorded at Egrem Studios, Havana; Studios Davout, Paris; and Livingston Studios, London
Assistant Recording Engineers: Tom Leader, Simon Burwell, and Isel Martínez
Mixed at Livingston Studios
Assistant Mix Engineer: Simon Burwell
Mastered at Livingston Studios by Tom Leader and Jerry Boys
Percussion technician on tracks 8, 10: Raí Bonini
Production Supervision: Sara Daoud
Administration in Havana: Zita M. Morriña “Toti”
Malk Mezzadri appears courtesy of Label Bleu

Design by
Artwork elements taken from commissioned paintings by Manuel Mendive, with thanks to Juanito Delgado Calzadilla
Photography by Christina Jaspars


This album is available from Nonesuch in the United States and Canada only.

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