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  • Benjamín Escoriza, Spanish Singer and Radio Tarifa Vocalist, Dies

    Benjamín Escoriza, the Spanish singer and former vocalist of Radio Tarifa, died on March 9, 2012, after a long illness. Benjamín Escoriza was born in Colomera, Granada, in 1953 and moved to Madrid in 1989, where he met Vicente Molino and Fain Sanchez Dueñas. They would form the band Radio Tarifa, which release four albums on World Circuit/Nonesuch Records: Rumba Argelina, Temporal, Cruzando el Rio, and Fiebre.

About this Album

"Most live albums are stop gaps, fillers: this one is exemplary on all fronts.” —fROOTS

Radio Tarifa celebrated its tenth anniversary with Fiebre (Fever), a live album recorded during a 2002 concert at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Released in 2003 in the UK by World Circuit, Fiebre already was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the Best Folk Album category. Nonesuch released the album—which features ten new interpretations of songs from the band’s first three albums, plus two new songs written specifically for the record—in the US in September 2004.

Fiebre—which The Evening Standard calls “raw, exhilarating, summery and sexy”—captures the dynamism of the band’s live shows. The BBC called the it “essential,” adding that “the individual elements of the band are so artfully combined as to create something simultaneously traditional and adventurously novel.” Fiebre showcases Radio Tarifa’s exhilarating performance style, with the band members improvising and experimenting with sound and tempo. As Mojo said in a four-star review, “They damn near ignite, pouring their souls into the set.” The album is Radio Tarifa’s fourth Nonesuch / World Circuit release, following the acclaimed 1996 debut Rumba Argelina, 1998’s Temporal, and 2001’s Cruzando el rio (Crossing the River).

Percussionist Faín S Dueñas, vocalist Benjamín Escoriza, and flautist Vincent Molino—who were drawn together by a common passion for, and desire to experiment with, the underlying foundations of Mediterranean music—formed Radio Tarifa a decade ago. The band takes its name from the imaginary radio station of Tarifa, the town situated on the southernmost tip of Spain—the closest European point to Africa in a kind of no-man’s land suspended between the Arabic and Mediterranean world: a perfect metaphor for the band. Radio Tarifa uses a rich array of instruments from Arabic, Mediterranean, medieval, Asian, and contemporary cultures, including the ney, oud, derburka, guimbri, oboe de Poitou, cromorno, bansuri, flamenco and electric guitars, electric bass, and saxophone. Alongside Dueñas on percussion, Escoriza on vocals, and Molino on wind instruments are David Purdye on bass and backing vocals; Amir Haddad on guitar, oud, and backing vocals; Jaime Muela on flute and soprano saxophone; Jorge Gomez on flamenco and electric guitar; and Sebastián Rubio on pandereta and bongos.


Benjamin Escoriza, vocals
Faín S. Dueñas, debuka, plato, backing vocals, panderata (6)
Vincent Molino, neys, crumhorn, Poitou oboe
Jaime Muela, flute, soprano saxophone, ney (4)
Amir Haddad, out, backing vocals
Jorge Gomez, flamenco guitar, electric guitar
Sebastián Rubio, panderata, bongos
David Purdye, electric bass, backing vocals
Pedro Esparza, soprano sax (10)
Wafi Sh. Gibril, accordion (10)
Ramiro Amusategui, buzuki (10)
Peter Oteo, electric bass (10)
Produced by Radio Tarifa
Additional production by Nick Gold
Arrangements and musical direction by Faín S. Dueñas
Recorded in concert at the Small World Music Festival, Toronto, on September 28, 2002, at the Isabel Bader Theatre for CBC Radio-Canada by Todd Frarracci, Frank Finistauri, and Cathy Erving
Canción Sefardí recorded direct to stereo in concert on 21 July, 1997 at the Arena de Sole in Bologna, Italy, by Chuco García
Mixed by Jerry Boys
Mastered by Jerry Boys and Tom Leader
Mixed and mastered at Livingston Studios, London
Photography: Katherine Fawssett
Concert photography: Estanis Nuñez
Design: Kathryn Samson


This album is available from Nonesuch in the United States and Canada only.

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