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Track Listing

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1Cook Islands: Drum Dance (Vaipae, Aitutaki)2:42
2Cook Islands: Tapa Cloth Beating0:56
3Cook Islands: Mire (Mangaia Island1:57
4Cook Islands: Imenetuki (Mangaia Island2:22
5Tonga: Tau’a’alo (Holonga, Vava’u)3:25
6Tonga: Faikava Love Song (Holonga, Vava’u)2:43
7Tonga: Octopus Fishing (Lofanga Island)1:48
8Tonga: Fangufangu Nose Flute (Nuku Alofa, Tongatapu)0:48
9Tonga: Muli Tu Pe (Lapaha, Mua, Tongatapu)1:44
10Fiji: Male Fan Dance (Kumi, Verata, Tailevu, Viti Levu)2:00
11Fiji: Club Dance Meke Iwau (Viseisei, Vuda Ba, Viti Levu)2:14
12Fiji: Vakamalolo Mixed Sitting Dance (Yaroi, Savusavu, Vanua Levu)2:18
13Fiji: New Year Celebrations (Kumi, Viti Levu)0:53
14Solomon Islands: Pan Pipes Rereo Taba (Buma, West Kwara’ae, Malaita)1:29
15Solomon Islands: Pan Pipe Ensemble (Oibola, Langa Langa Lagoon)1:42
16Solomon Islands: Pan Pipes and Night Roar (Nganasuru, Kwaio, Malaita)1:17
17Solomon Islands: Spirit Song U’ula (Alite, Langa Langa Lagoon, Malaita)2:57
18Solomon Islands: Shell Money Making (Alite, Langa Langa Lagoon, Malaita)1:28
19Solomon Islands: Women’s Song Kukuburi Sifoa (Buma, West Kwara’ae, Malaita)1:15
20Gilbert Islands, Kiribati: Te Kamei (Tewai, South Tabiteuea)1:20
21Gilbert Islands, Kiribati: Te Kawawa (Tewai, South Tabiteuea)1:17
22Gilbert Islands, Kiribati: Toddy Cutting Song (Tewai, South Tabiteuea)1:20
23Western Samoa: Sasa (Solosolo, Upolu)3:23
24Western Samoa: Conche Shell Horn (Papa Sataua, Savaii)0:50
25Western Samoa: Tagi (Tufutafoe, Savaii)1:08
26Western Samoa: Ma’ulu Ulu (Manono Island)3:08
27Western Samoa: Imene Tarava (Papeete, Tahiti)3:14

About this Album

In 1978 and 1979, musicologist David Fanshawe made a whirlwind tour of the South Pacific with the goal of recording the folk music traditions of the region. The fruits of his extensive labor are featured here, presenting a diversity of musical settings and styles, from love songs to work chants. Here is an excerpt from the original liner note, from 1981:

Do not expect to hear Hawaiian guitars, ukuleles and the Hula. Imagine, however, a musical odyssey through the South Pacific islands traveling with a rucksack, 200 rolls of tape, 35mm film and stereo tape recorder. Here are some wonderful examples of authentic South Seas music—unbelievably beautiful and yet an endangered species. If you travel from the Cook Islands in an anti-clockwise circle via the Solomon Islands to Tahiti and if you search hard enough this is the kind of music you might have the luck to find.


Originally released in 1981
Recorded by David Fanshawe
Edited and mastered by Michael McCarthy (E.R.A.S.E)
Coordinator: Keith Holzman
Re-mastered by Robert C. Ludwig

Design: Doyle Partners
Cover Photograph: Alex Webb / Magnum Photos. 2000. Western Samoa. Children Playing.
Additional photographs: David Fanshawe

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