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Kundun [Soundtrack]

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About this Album

The score to Martin Scorsese’s film biography of the Dalai Lama is performed by a unique orchestra comprised of Tibetan and Western instruments, led by the composer. Kundun tells the life story of the 14th Dalai Lama, from his discovery during childhood through the Chinese invasion of Tibet, to his journey into exile which raised the world’s consciousness to the plight of his people.

In discussing Kundun, Scorsese calls his collaboration with Glass “the realization of a long-cherished dream.” He continues: “[Glass's] Buddhist faith and deep understanding of Tibetan culture combine with the subtlety of his composition to play an essential role in our movie on the life of the Dalai Lama. Philip Glass is an artist of tremendous sensitivity whose music works from the inside of the film, from its heart, to produce a powerful emotional intensity which remains for days in the listener’s head ... For me, the images in the film no longer stand on their own without Philip Glass’s music. I consider myself fortunate, indeed blessed, to have worked with him on Kundun.”

Glass, who has long been involved with the Tibetan community in both India and the United States said, “I felt that the only way for the music to be an organic part of the film was to work throughout the entire process of shooting and editing. It was very interactive and I believe that Marty enjoyed it as much as I did.”


Dhondup Namgyal Khorko, Tibetan horns and cymbals
Alan Raph, bass trombone
Lauren Goldenstein-Stubbs, bassoon, contrabassoon
Gordon Gottlieb, percussion
Steven Hartman, clarinet, bass clarinet
Susan Jolles, harp
Sharon Moe, French Horn
Michael Riesman, piano, celeste, synthesizer
Henry Schuman, oboe
Richard Sher, cello
Andrew Sterman, piccolo
Carol Wincenc, flute
Wilmer Wise, trumpet
Gyuto Monks
Monks of The Drukpa Order

Music Composed by Philip Glass
Music Conducted by Michael Reisman
Music Produced by Kurt Munkacsi
Executive Music Producer: Jim Keller
Recorded at The Looking Glass Studios, New York City
A Production of Euphorbia Productions, New York City
Engineer: Martin Czembor
Assistant Engineers: Ryoji Hata, John Billingsley
Chief Technical Engineer: Jamie Mereness
Computer Technician: Dylan Drazen
Production Coodinators: Veronica Arroyo, Ramona Kirshenman
Assistant Production Coordinators: Emily Hall Shannon, Sean McCaul
Studio Management: Amanda Reisman
Interns: Jason Smirchich, Kenneth Marks, Palo Chalupka, John Ho
Gyuto Monks courtesy of Windham Hill records, produced by Mickey Hart
Monks of the Drukpa Order courtesy of Lyrichord Discs

Executives in Charge of Music for The Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group: Kathy Nelson and Bill Green

Kundun published by Touchstone Pictures Music & Songs, Inc. (ASCAP). All other Philip Glass music published by Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc., New York City

Design: Merideth Harte for 27.12 design Ltd., New York City

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