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La Belle et la Bête

La Belle et la Bête cover art

Track Listing

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1.01Ouverture (Overture)3:31
1.02Les Sœurs (The Sisters)3:47
1.03La Demande en Marriage d'Avenant (Avenant Proposes)3:37
1.04Le Voyage du Père (The Father's Journey)5:22
1.05Le Donaine de la Bête (The Beast's Domain)7:39
1.06Le Retour du Père (The Father Returns)2:18
1.07La Belle va ua Château (Beauty goes to the Chateau)8:12
1.08 Le Dîner (Dinner with the Beast)3:43
1.09Les Tourments de la Bête (The Beast's Anguish)4:50
2.01Promenade dans le Jardin (Promenade in the Garden)10:10
2.02La Saisie des Meubles (The Furniture is Seized)1:33
2.03La Confiance de la Bête en la Belle4:59
2.04Belle retourne Chez son Père (Beauty's Return Home)1:57
2.05Belle raconte son Histoire (Beauty Tells Her Story)3:54
2.06Le Plan (The Plan)3:32
2.07La Passion d'Avenant (Avenant's Passion)4:06
2.08Le Magnifique apparaît (Magnificent Appears)3:10
2.09Le Miroir (The Mirror)4:26
2.10Le Pavillon (The Pavilion)3:44
2.11La Métamorphose (The Transformation)4:10

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About this Album

Glass created this groundbreaking "opera for ensemble and film," to be performed live in tandem with Jean Cocteau's movie classic. Even so, this two-disc recording, says the Washington Post, "proves that the music stands remarkably well on its own."


The Philip Glass Ensemble:
Philip Glass, keyboards
Michael Reisman, musical director, keyboards, sound design
Jon Gibson, soprano saxophone, flute
Martin Goldray, keyboards
Richard Peck, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Eleanor Sandresky, keyboards
Andrew Sterman, flute, piccolo, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet

La Belle: Janice Felty
La Bête, Officiel du Port, Avenant, Ardent: Gregory Purnhagen
Le Père, L’Usurier: John Kuether
Fêlicie: Ana Mara Martinez
Adélaïde: Hallie Neill
Ludovic: Zheng Zhou

Guest Musicians:
Sanford Allen, Tim Baker, Regis Iandiorio, Karen Karlsrud, Jenny Koo, Jan Mullen, Linda Quan, Sergiu Schwartz, violin
Alfred Brown, John Dexter, Stephanie Fricker, viola
Seymour Barab, Semyon Fridman, Beverly Lauridsen, cello
Charles McCracken, bassoon
Sharon Moe, French horn
James Pugh, trombone
Alan Raph, bass trombone, tuba

Produced by Kurt Munkacsi
Recorded and mixed at The Looking Glass Studios, New York, NY
Engineers: Anne Pope, Rich Costey
Assistant engineers: Leonardo Heiblum, James Law, Dave Porter, Amanda Reisman
Mixed by Michael Reisman
Synthesizer programming assistance: MacDonald Quayle, John Witte
Sound effect design: James Law, MacDonald Quayle, Jonathan Ducket
Production coordinator: Sharon Ainsberg

Graphic Design: John Gall
Photograph of La Belle et la Bête, a film by Jean Cocteau, by G. R. Aldo

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