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Lady Be Good

Lady Be Good cover art

About this Album

While not the Gershwin brothers' first foray into Broadway, Lady Be Good was their first monumentally successful work of musical theatre. The show was notably variable, often altering arrangements from night to night; this record features as close to a “definitive” version as possible, including arrangements and details taken from sketches and scores used over the course of the musical’s original run.


Dick Trevor: Lara Teeter
Susie Trevor: Ann Morrison
Watty Watkins: Jason Alexander
Jack Robinson: Michael Maguire
Jeff White: John Pizzarelli
Daisy Parke: Ivy Austin
Shirley Vernon: Michelle Nicastro
Bertie Bassett: Robin Langford
Josephine Vanderwater: Carol Swarbrick

Chorus: Evelyn Halus, Carol Kline, Tina Paradiso, Roberta Wall, sopranos
Jennifer Butt, Mary Garripoli, Lydia Lyons, Carol Swarbrick, altos
Scott Harlan, Mark David Miller, Larry Raben, Scott Thompson, tenors
Larry Daggett, Peter Kevoian, Kevin Koelbl, Bryan Miller, basses

Eric Stern, conductor
Bruce Dukov, concertmaster
Clayton Haslop, Jay Rosen, Julie Gigante, Karen Jones, Lily Ho-Chen, violins
Ken Bruward-Hoy, Michael Novak, Janet Lakatos, Dan Neufeld, violas
Steve Erdody, Barbara Hunter, cellos
Arni Egilsson, bass
Jim Walker, Jim Ercole, John Ellis, Marry Krystall, Dan Higgins, Norbert Nielubowski, woodwinds
John Reynolds, Todd Miller, French horn
Warren Luening, Bob Findley, trumpets
Bill Booth, James Sawyer, trombones
Don Williams, drums
Thomas Raney, percussion
JoAnn Turovsky, harp
Paul Viapiano, banjo
Wade Culbreath, Albert Ferntheil, John Wakefield, swiss bells
John Pizzarelli, ukulele
Steve Blier, John Musto, piano

Produced by John McClure and Tommy Krasker
Associate Producer: Evan Ross
Recorded August 12-14, 1992 at the Todd-AO Scoring Stage, Studio City, California
Edited and Mixed at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Shawn Murphy
Assistant engineers: David Marquette, Jay Selvester, Andy Bass and Robert Hart
Audio assistant: Susan Presson
Production coordinator: Carla Capretto

All music composed by George Gershwin, all lyrics by Ira Gershwin

Art direction and design: John William Costa

Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

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