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lonely avenue  {press}

“The first of what one hopes will be many collaborations between Folds and Hornby proves to be an intelligent, sometimes amusing, sometimes moving, but always engaging collection of songs, pitched somewhere between Randy Newman and an Anglo-American Divine Comedy. Hornby’s knack for distilling the essence of a situation into a few telling lines is well matched by Folds’s ability to find the apt setting, be it Beach Boy-ish harmonies, Devo-esque electropop or a blend of rippling piano, rattling snare and French horn redolent of New Orleans.”

“This is the beauty of Lonely Avenue...each track is a little story, often told in the first person, about what it's like to be a 9-year-old girl, a washed up rockstar, or the world’s most famous hockey-playing teen dad. And in every story, there’s something relatable.”

“Two great writers, one great album of ‘musical short stories’. Hornby’s pithy, smart lyrics fit the bittersweet Folds’ style perfectly and Folds, in turn, steps up to the plate with some of his most achingly beautiful melodies and arresting arrangements yet.”

“The collaboration clicks: There’s a depth to the lyrics rare in pop songs, and they inspire top-notch work from the ever-inventive Folds … Hornby’s lyrics are smart, profane, violent, poignant, hilarious and absolutely true.”

Lonely Avenue is an adventure in genre-crossing and a testament to an artistic friendship. It’s also a collection of 11 rich and unusual songs.”

“Masterful and catchy”

“The mere idea of sharp tunesmith Ben Folds partnering with equally clever—and music-minded—novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) to record an album of songs with music by the former and lyrics by the latter is enough to send fans of both into paroxysms of pure pop joy. The execution does not disappoint.”

“Intelligent, funny, heartbreaking alt-rock.”

“The combination of Hornby’s word-stuffed sonic vignettes and Ben Folds’ never-better production and songwriting chops…work wonderfully together.”

Lonely Avenue showcases Hornby’s incisive, character-driven lyrics and Folds’ catchy pop melodies. The two seem to be cut exactly from the same cloth when it comes to their writing—witty and funny in one sense, and poignant and provocative in the other.”