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Critical Praise

  • “A big success for both artists”

  • “Folds’ most musically accomplished set since going solo”

  • “What a lovely record. Magic. Heavenly.”

  • “A rich, varied set of tunes”

  • “This year’s singer songwriter classic”

  • “A fantastic album. The melodies soar in time-honoured Folds style, the lyrics are subtle and lovely and deftly done.”

  • "Buoyant, '70s-inflected pop"

  • “Collaborations like these rarely live up to their hype, but Lonely Avenue truly works as Hornby and Folds seamlessly accent one another.”

  • “The combination of Hornby’s word-stuffed sonic vignettes and Ben Folds’ never-better production and songwriting chops…work wonderfully together.”

  • “Intelligent, funny, heartbreaking alt-rock.”


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