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Los Heroes cover art

Track Listing

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1.01Pónganse Para Las Cosas (Pedro Aranzola)10:20
1.02Hasta Pantojo Baila Mi Son (Pedro Aranzola)11:34
1.03Que Traigan El Guaguancó (Pedro Aranzola)6:27
1.04Mi Amanecer Campesino (Pedro Aranzola)13:55
1.05Llora Timbero (Israel Rodríguez)7:12
1.06Yo Sí Como Candela (Luis “Lili” Martínez Griñán)10:28
1.07Fefita (José Urfe)10:24
2.01Guaguancó A Todos Los Barríos (Pedro Aranzola)14:29
2.02El Pregón De La Montaña (Pío Leyva)10:05
2.03U-La-La (Juan Pablo Torres)8:48
2.04Guajira Guántanamera (Joseíto Fernández)8:36
2.05Para Mi Cuba Yo Traigo Un Son (Mario Fernández Porta)11:24
2.06Prepara Los Cueros (Juan Pablo Torres)11:31
2.07Maracaíbo Oriental (José A. Castañeda)9:59

About this Album

Among the musicians featured on Los Heroes—a lavishly packaged double CD documenting legendary recording sessions made in Havana, Cuba, in 1979 by the all-star group Estrellas de Areito—are Rubén González, a principal figure in the Buena Vista Social Club, and Pío Leyva, a member of the Afro-Cuban All Stars and Rubén González's band.

As a response to Puerto Rican and Venezuelan bands achieving success playing what was essentially Cuban music, African record producer Raoul Diomandé approached the Cuban state-owned recording body EGREM with the idea of assembling an all-star band to show that Cuban musicians play Cuban music best. Trombonist and EGREM staff producer Juan Pablo Torres was selected to recruit the musicians and direct the recordings. After collecting the musicians who spanned three generations, coming from more than 10 different bands, the group gathered in EGREM’s Havana studios for five days. The recordings captured the true essence of the descarga (jam session) style, made in a warm, relaxed atmosphere that allowed for extended improvisation and soloing, in the spirit of all great jazz music.

Many of the musicians involved point to these brief sessions as among the most important in Cuban music history, despite the fact that they have been very difficult to find, even in Cuba. The release of Los Heroes features digitally remastered sound and a package that includes lyrics, photos, and extensive liner notes that further document these priceless recordings.


Rafael Bacallao, Teresa García Caturla, Miguelito Cuni, Carlos Embale, Manuel Furé, Tito Gómez, Filiberto Hernández, Pío Leyva, Pepe Olmos, Magaly Tars, lead vocals
Félix Chappotín, Adalberto Lara, Manuel “El Guajiro” Mirabal, Arturo Sandoval, Jorge Varona, trumpet
Angel Babazán, Miguel Barbón, Pedro Depestre, Pedro Hernández, Enrique Jorrin, Rafael Lay, Félix Reina, Elio Valdés, violin
Jesús “Aguaje” Ramos, Juan Pablo Torres, trombone
Paquito D’Rivera, alto saxophone
Richard Egües, Melquiades Fundora, flute
Rubén Gonzalés, Jesús Rubalcaba, piano
Niño Rivera, tres
Israel Pérez, cuatro
Fabián García, bass
Tata Güines, Guillermo García, congas
Ricardo “El Niño” León, bongos
Gustavo Tamayo, güiro
Amadito Valdés, Filiberto Sánchez, timbales
Alberto Bermúdez, Armando Bermúdez, Ruben Bermúdez, Eugenio Rodríguez “Raspa”, Ignacio Carrillo “Masacote”, Rolo Martínez, chorus


Arrangements by Juan Pablo Torres
Original recordings produced by Juan Pablo Torres and Raoul Diomandé
Recorded at Egrem Studios, Havana, November 1979
Engineered by Tony López
This edition produced by Nick Gold
Mastered by Jerry Boys with Nick Robbins, Simon Heyworth, and Steve Shin

Designed by The Team
Cover photo courtesy of Amadito Valdés


This album is available from Nonesuch in the United States and Canada only.

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