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Pardon My English

About this Album

Though the original 1933 production of this Gershwin brothers romp suffered from fatal miscasting and mismanagement, what survived was a score described as "ravishing" by the New York Times, while "a couple of flat-out gorgeous love duets remind you that the Gershwins also wrote glistening evergreens like 'Someone to Watch Over Me.'" The version heard here restores elements of clarity and humor lost in the show’s brief run.


Conducted by Eric Stern

William Katt, Golo/Michael Bramleigh
John Cullum, Commissioner Bauer
Arnetia Walker, Gita
Michelle Nicastro, Ilse Bauer 
Philip A. Chaffin, Karl Blau, chorus
Patty Tiffany, Innkeeper, chorus
Roberta Wall, Magda, chorus
Peter Kevoian, Katz, chorus
David Engel, Schultz, chorus

Evelyn Halus, Carol Kline, Theresa Walden, soprano; Kimberly Herosian, Elana Pamm Latham, Lydia Lyons, alto; John DeLuise, Mark Piatelli, Larry Raben, Scott Thompson, tenor; Larry Daggett, Mark Kelley, Bryan Miller, Michael Zimmer, bass

Violin: Bruce Dukov, concertmaster; Robert Brosseau, Alan Grunfeld, Sheldon Sanov, Richard Altenbach, Darius Campo, Claudia Parducci, Robert Schumitzky,
Viola: Ken Burward-Hoy, Michael Nowak, Janet Lakatos, Simon Oswell
Cello: Armen Ksajikian, Dennis Karmazyn
Bass: Arni Egilsson
Woodwinds: Gary Foster, Douglas Masek, Gregory Huckins, Joel Timm
French Horn: Todd Miller, John Reynolds
Trumpet: Robert Findley, Warren Luening Jr.
Trombone: William Booth
Drums: Donald Williams
Percussion: Thomas Raney
Piano: Bryan Pezzone

Produced by John McClure and Tommy Krasker
Associate Producer: Evan Ross
Recorded by Shawn Murphy
Edited by Joel Moss
Mastered by Ric Wilson
Assistant engineers: Andy Bass, Bryan Carrigan, Paul Lundin, Jay Selvester, Brian Soucy
Audio assistant: Susan Presson
Orchestra contractor: Ken Watson
Chorus contractor: Larry Daggett
Musical preparation: JoAnn Kane
Orchestration by Robert Russell Bennett, William Daly, Adolph Deutsch, and Russell Warner
Vocal arrangements by Robert Webb

All music and lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin

Art direction and design: John William Costa
Cover Photography: Underwood Photo Archives, SF

Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

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