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Track Listing

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1Ionisation (Edgard Varèse)5:23
2Fantasy-Variations (Michael Colgrass)11:07
3Antiphonies for Percussion (David Saperstein)5:47
4Ostinato Pianissimo (Henry Cowell)2:58
5Percussion Symphony: I. (Charles Wuorinen)7:07
6Percussion Symphony: Entr'acte I: Vergine bella (Charles Wuorinen)3:35
7Percussion Symphony: II. (Charles Wuorinen)15:19
8Percussion Symphony: Entr'acte II: Vergine bella (Charles Wuorinen)4:42
9Percussion Symphony: III. (Charles Wuorinen)10:45

About this Album

The CD of this album is available to purchase at ArkivMusic.

With the invention of new instruments and increased cross-cultural exchange in the 20th century, composers’ interest in writing for percussion exploded, creating a uniquely modern genre that embraced both the future and the ancient past. The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble was founded in 1968 to perform this new literature, here performing works by Varèse, Cowell, and others.


The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble:
Raymond DesRoches, director, conductor (1-3)
Joseph Brice, Gary Van Dyke, Edmund Fay, Vincent Graziano, Richard Hass, Doreen Holmes, Kenneth Hosley, Martin Martini, Eugene McBride, Louis Odd, Angelo Olivieri, Joseph Passaro, Matthew Patuto, Vincent Potutu, Jr., Dean Poulsen, James Pugliese, Mark Schipper, percussion (1-3)

For Wuorinen's Percussion Symphony:
James Hurst, glockenspiel
Doreen Holmes, chimes
Bruce Tatti, xylophone
Kenneth Hosley, vibraphone
Richard Sacks, marimba
Dean Poulsen, celesta
Aleck Karis, piano I
Diane Battersby, piano II
Dale Diesel, inside piano
Gary Van Dyke, Mark Schipper, Anthony Cinardo, timpani
Ernest Buongiorno, antique cymbals
Vincent Varcadipane, triangles, bell plates
James Pugliese, brake drums, almglocken
Jeffrey Pinnas, low cymbals
Robert Paddock, Ted Sturm, Michael Holmes, gongs
Peter Jarvis, gongs, woodblock
Peter Alexander, temple blocks, tambourine
Louis Oddo, roto toms
Charles Descarfino, Anthony De Falco, drums
Charles Wuorinen, conductor

Recorded March 1978 at the John Harms Englewood Plaza for the Performing Arts, Englewood, New Jersey
Engineering and musical supervision: Marc J. Aubort and Joanna Nickrenz
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Cover Art: Don Brautigam

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