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Track Listing

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1Sonata in C Major L. 305 / K. 251 (Scarlatti, transc. S. Assad)2:38
2Allemande (Rameau)4:13
3Gigues 1 & 2 (Rameau)3:42
4Rigaudon (Rameau)1:43
5Musette en Rondeau (Rameau)2:21
6Le Rappel des Oiseaux (Rameau)2:42
7Le Rardon (Rameau)0:51
8La Follette (Rameau)1:29
9Les Tendres Plaintes (Rameau)2:47
10Les Cyclopes (Rameau)3:06
11Le Bavolet Flottant (Couperin)1:43
12Le Carillon de Cythère (Couperin)3:28
13Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in C# Major (Bach)3:28
14Sonata in E Major L. 21 / K. 162 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)5:58
15Sonata in F Minor L. 118 / K. 466 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)7:21
16Sonata in E Major L. 430 / K. 531 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)2:56
17Sonata in A Minor L. 241 / K. 54 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)3:44
18Sonata in D Minor L. 413 / K. 9 in D Minor ("Pastorale") (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)4:01
19Sonata in G Major L. 288 / K. 432 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)2:15
20Sonata in D Major L. 465 / K. 96 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)4:50
21Sonata in D Major L. 107 / K. 140 (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)3:25
22Sonata in D Minor L. 422 / K. 141 (Toccata) (Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad)3:27

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About this Album

The Assad brothers' third Nonesuch recording features music of the Baroque period, transcribed by Sérgio Assad. While best-known for their performances of Latin American works, the Assads’ US tours have won them acclaim for their idiomatic performances of Scarlatti and Rameau, which are featured on this recording, along with the Prelude and Fugue No. 3 in C-sharp Major by Bach and two pieces by Couperin.


Sérgio Assad, Odair Assad, guitar

Produced and engineered by Judith Sherman
Recorded November 1991 at Caraïbes Studio, Brussels, Belgium

Tracks 1, 14-22 composed by Scarlatti, transc. Sérgio Assad; 2-10 by Rameau; 11, 12 by Couperin; 13 by Bach.

Design by Tomoyo T.L. (Karath=Razar)
Cover photographs by Roberto Schezen from Italian Splendor, publ. Rizzoli, New York

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