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Pleasures of the Royal Courts

About this Album

Before 1500, composed music flourished primarily where wealthy patrons could afford to maintain substantial musical establishments—in churches, royal palaces, and at the courts of nobleman. David Munrow leads The Early Music Consort of London here in performances of this early music, drawing from the repertory of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.


The Early Music Consort of London:
David Munrow, director, recorders, gemshorn, crumhorns, kortholt, shawm, dulcian
James Bowman, countertenor
Oliver Brookes, viola da gamba
Christopher Hogwood, harpsichord, harp, percussion
Mary Remnant, medieval fiddle, portative organ, tabor
Engineering: Michael Hall, Mark Sutton
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig (Masterdisk Corp.)
Cover illustration: detail of Chasse au faucon à la cour de Philippe le Bon (Burgundian school, 15th cent.), reproduced courtesy of the Musée national de Versailles et Trianons
Design and art direction: Paula Bisacca
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

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