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Ronroco cover art

Track Listing

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1Way Up4:06
6De Ushuaia A La Quiaca2:54
11Del Pago3:03
12La Vuelta3:06

About this Album

With Ronroco, Gustavo Santaolalla, an Oscar winner for his score to Brokeback Mountain in 2005, fuses conventional styles with a progressive sensibility, in an album of original tunes inspired by traditional Argentinean music and influenced by music of Japan, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The record takes its name from the ronroco, a stringed instrument similar to the charango, although slightly larger and lower in pitch. The charango, a small South American guitar similar to the ukulele, has ten strings arranged in pairs and a body that was originally fashioned from an armadillo shell. “I’ve been playing this instrument since I was a kid, collecting songs and thoughts about this record for a long time,” says Santaolalla. “The idea was to make a non-traditional album, a sonic landscape.”

Ronroco features Santaolalla on charango, ronroco, Andean pipes, whistles and guitar, in collaboration with long-time partner Aníbal Kerpel on vibraphone and melodica. The result is unlike anything Santaolalla has recorded in the past: an intimate musical journey and a unique work of love that has been years in the making. Ronroco is a project for which Santaolalla holds special affection: “This album materialized a different, less well-known side of me,” says Santaolalla. “The challenge was to keep it simple without giving up some rough edges, staying within the boundaries of the subtlety and delicacy that this music needs.”


Gustavo Santaolalla, charango, ronroco, maulincho, pipes, tin whistle, harmonica, guitar, guitarron
Anibal Kerpel, vibraphone,  melodica
Jaime Torres, charango (10)

Produced by Gustavo Santaolalla
Associate Producer Anibal Kerpel
Recorded by Anibal Kerpel at la Casa, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Anibal Kerpel and Gustavo Santaolalla
Digital Processing by Doug Schwartz at Audio Mechanics, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disk, Hollywood, CA
Jaime Torres appears courtesy of Polygram Discos S.A. Argentina

Design by 27.12 design ltd, New York City
Cover Photograph by Victoria Goldman, courtesy of The Robin Rice Gallery, New York City

All compositions written by Gustavo Santaolalla and published by SURCO MUSIC (ASCAP)                                               

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