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Serenade No. 3 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra

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  • George Perle, Pulitzer Prize–Winning Composer of "12-Tone Tonality," Dies at 93

    Pulitzer Prize–winning composer George Perle died on Friday, January 23, 2009, at his home in Manhattan. He was 93. Perle, often considered one of the most lyrical of a new generation of atonal composers, wrote prolifically, including symphonic, chamber, vocal, and piano works. Perle often referred to his style of writing as "12-tone tonality." Richard Goode, in his liner notes to a Nonesuch recording of Perle works, wrote of the composer's music: "In its sobriety and playfulness, its rhythmic unpredictability, its delicate balance of harmonic and contrapuntal energies, it often brings Haydn to mind ... Whatever the emotional intensities expressed, one feels a language has been found that is exactly suited to its expressive requirements."

About this Album

The CD of this album is available to purchase at ArkivMusic.

Hailed by the New York Times as “the poetic voice of atonal composition,” George Perle crafted a personal approach of “12-tone tonality” that brought him widespread recognition as both a composer and theorist. This album features performances of the Pulitzer Prize–winning composer’s notable piano works performed by virtuoso Richard Goode, along with the Music Today Ensemble.


Richard Goode, piano
Music Today Ensemble (1-5, 7)
Gerard Schwarz, conductor (1-5, 7)

Serenade No. 3 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra: Allegro
Produced by Marc Aubort/Joanna Nickrenz
Engineered by Elite Recordings, Inc., New York City
Recorded November 15, 1983 at Rutgers Church, New York City

Ballade; Concertino for Piano, Winds, and Timpani
Produced and engineered by Max Wilcox
Digital engineer: Kevin Boutote, NY Digital
Recorded November 15, 1984 at RCA Studio, New York City

Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig, Masterdisk

Cover photo: Joel Meyerowitz
Art direction and cover design: Henrietta Condak

Executive producer: Robert Hurwitz

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