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Sing We Noel

About this Album

The music heard in this recording reflects diverse manners of celebrating Christmas from many centuries and many places. The works are bound together by the linguistic and cultural traditions of English-speaking peoples, whose poetic imagery, scale patterns, and approach to polyphony has weathered the erosion of time. The performances presented here explore the relationship between folk and art music throughout the centuries, demonstrating how the most profound beliefs can be conveyed through the idiom of popular song and dance. 


Joel Cohen, director, lute, percussion
Nancy Armstrong, Sallie Gordon, Susan Klebanow, Deborah Price, soprano
Jane Shaw, alto
Paul Blanchard, Richard Riley, countertenor
John Clarke, Bruce Fithian, David Griesinger, Rufus Hallmark, tenor
Curt Hayashi, Charles Robert Stephens, bass
Mark Baker, baritone, concertina
Alison Fowle, treble & tenor viol
Laura Jeppesen, vielle, violin, bass viol
Nancy Joyce, recorders, flute, shawn, krummhorn, bass viol
Kenneth Roth, recorders, shawm, Baroque oboe, krummhorn, dulcian

Engineering: David Griesinger
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig (Masterdisk Corp.)
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Design & Art Direction: Paula Bisacca
Cover Art: “Gabriel” weathervane, ca. 1840, reproduced courtesy of the Museum of American Folk Art, New York

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