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Sings The Burton Lane Songbook, Vol. 1

Sings The Burton Lane Songbook, Vol. 1 cover art

Track Listing

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1Applause, Applause!1:59
2Dancing on a Dime3:56
3Babes on Broadway Medley: Babes on Broadway1:20
4Babes on Broadway Medley: Anything Can Happen In New York3:35
5Babes on Broadway Medley: How About You?3:11
6Babes on Broadway Medley: Babes On Broadway (reprise)1:03
7I Can Hardly Wait2:44
8How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life2:29
9And Suddenly It's Christmas2:47
10Too Late Now3:25
11You're All the World to Me2:39
12Moments Like This3:22
13How'dja Like to Love Me?2:40
14One More Walk Around the Garden3:14
15In Our United State3:29
16Finian's Rainbow (medley): How Are Things In Glocca Morra2:45
17Finian's Rainbow (medley): Old Devil Moon3:14
18Finian's Rainbow (medley): When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love3:04
19Finian's Rainbow (medley): Look To The Rainbow3:27
20Finian's Rainbow (medley): If This Isn't Love2:11

About this Album

For the first in his Songbook Series of albums for Nonesuch, Michael Feinstein is accompanied by Burton Lane, the composer of such classic shows as Babes on Broadway and Finian's Rainbow, on some of Lane's best-known tunes, plus two new songs."Whether performing new material or old," says the Chicago Tribune, "the Lane-Feinstein recording evokes the ebullient, hard-sell world of Tin Pan Alley. With Feinstein singing his heart out and Lane firing off brilliant, fiercely syncopated accompaniments on piano, one might think the heyday of the songplugger had never ended."


Michael Feinstein, vocals
Burton Lane, piano

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