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Songs of America: On Home, Love, Nature, and Death

About this Album

The CD of this album is available to purchase at ArkivMusic.

In this unique recording of American art songs, mezzo-soprano Jan DeGaetani and pianist Gilbert Kalish present the work of many of this country’s most gifted composers and poets in a new and powerful light. The 28 songs cover a significant historical span (1860-1984) and myriad styles and emotions; yet, in their very diversity and individualism, they represent (to quote Charles Ives) “not music ‘made in America,’ but American music.”
The selection of music heard in Songs of America reflects, in part, the personal empathy of the artists with each song; in part, an exploration into some of the amazingly diverse idioms to be found in this musical genre; and, above all, the clearly identifiable sound of America portrayed in song.


Jan DeGaetani, mezzo-soprano
Gilbert Kalish, piano

Joyce Robins, violin

Recorded by Max Wilcox

Produced by Theresa Sterne

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