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Spillane / Two-Lane Highway / Forbidden Fruit

Spillane / Two-Lane Highway / Forbidden Fruit cover art

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About this Album

A showcase for Zorn the composer, this album features three separate pieces, in which unified inspiration and themes are applied to his schizophrenic, postmodern approach to create pieces that are internally unified and yet feel like a glimpse into Zorn’s stream-of-consciousness. The album features performances from an all-star cast, including Bill Frisell, Albert Collins, and Kronos Quartet.


Anthony Coleman, piano, organ, celeste (1)
Carol Emanuel, harp (1)
Bill Frisell, guitar (1)
David Hofstra, bass, tuba (1)
Bob James, tapes, compact discs (1)
Bobby Previte, drums, percussion (1-3)
Jim Staley, trombone (1)
David Weinstein, sampling keyboards, celeste (1)
John Zorn, alto saxophone, clarinet (1)
Albert Collins, guitar, voice (2, 3)
Robert Quine, guitar (2, 3)
Big John Patton, organ (2, 3)
Wayne Horvitz, piano, keyboards (2, 3)
Melvin Gibbs, bass (2, 3)
Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums (2, 3)
The Kronos Quartet (4): David Harrington, violin; John Sherba, violin; Hank Dutt, viola; Joan Jeanrenaud, cello
Chritian Marclay, turntables (4)
Ohta Hiromi, voice (4)

Produced by John Zorn
Tracks 2, 3 produced by John Zorn and David Breskin
Tracks 1, 4 recorded (June/August 1986) and Mixed (August 1987) by Don Hünberg at Radio City Studios, New York City
“Forbidden Fruit” recorded September 1987 at Russian Hill Recording, San Francisco, by Howard Johnston, and at Metal Box Studio, Tokyo by Ono Seigen
Mixed Sepember 1987 by Ono Seigen at CBS Roppongi Studios, Tokyo
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig

Art direction and design: Carin Goldberg

Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz

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