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Tell Me {Press}

Critical Praise

  • Tell Me: Uncut

    Uncut [logo]


    "Tell Me announces the arrival of a major talent, her voice combining the country grit of Lucinda Williams with the dreamier drift of Hope Sandoval."

  • Tell Me: Guardian

    Guardian [logo]


    New Band of the Day
    "Imagine a Stateside Laura Marling, a cool Taylor Swift, or a young Lucinda Williams. Mayfield deftly moves between country, folk and soul, but there's more to her than zealously guarding antique genres. There are quirky rhythms here, and throughout Dan Auerbach employs ambient textures and atmospheric FX, the sort of studio finessing that nods to eccentric producers."

  • Tell Me: Sunday Times of London

    "An extraordinary artist."

  • Tell Me: Spin

    SPIN [logo]


    Best New Artists for 2011
    "While Taylor Swift gets lauded for her songwriting's 'authentic' young-woman's voice, Mayfield simmers and aches in a whole other realm."

  • Tell Me: Stereogum

    Stereogum [logo]


    50 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

  • Tell Me: Rolling Stone

    Band to Watch
    "Mayfield's vocal delivery often recalls the bold, plaintive drawl of Lucinda Williams, but her taste for oblique lyricism and unusual musical textures owes more to the anything-goes alternative country of Neko Case and Wilco."

    Hot List

    "Any friend of The Black Keys is cool with us! Gorgeous."

  • Tell Me: American Songwriter

    "Tell Me ... is the kind of record that makes music writers want to wake up in the morning. Full of rich sonic textures, emotionally complex lyrics and undeniably catchy hooks, it’s no surprise ... that the record has gained maximum traction with minimal prodding from the industry machine. It’s the sort of finely crafted, deeply personal album that can make an evangelist out of even the most curmudgeonly critics—it’s a record that you have to tell other people about. Intimate and immediate, Tell Me is like stumbling on to a secret cache of beauty and mystery every time it spins around your turntable."

  • Tell Me: New York Times

    "Mayfield’s voice got close to affectless, but not quite: there was something tossing underneath it."

  • Tell Me: Cleveland Scene

    "Dan Auerbach brings out the best in 21-year-old Kent singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield on her major-label debut ... [T]his is Mayfield’s strongest record, an alt-country torch storm that rivals Neko Case’s best."

  • Tell Me: MusicOMH

    MusicOMH [logo]


    "Much of the spiel which will accompany this albums release will be about the 'potential' of this fine artist. Ignore the prospective career of this exceptional singer-songwriter and allow yourself to simply admire the package currently on offer. This album will prove to be as addictive listening come the end of the year as it is right now."

  • Tell Me: Los Angeles Times

    "Mayfield has developed a sound that’s coy and plain-spoken, a fascinating take on the demure female singer, especially as that role has unfolded within Mayfield’s chosen home base of Americana. Her cool connects her to Patsy Cline; her haunted side recalls Gillian Welch. She also has a bit of the shambolic indie rocker in her, sometimes even sounding like a female J. Mascis."

  • Tell Me: Paste

    Paste [logo]


    "a marvel of nuance and restraint"
    "Tell Me is all meaty guitar licks and sad-edged vocals, like Fleetwood Mac for the blog generation ... [It] feels genuine and unpretentious throughout, setting the tone for a night of cathartic, misty-eyed introspection."

  • Tell Me: Boston Globe

    "Working again with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced her debut, Mayfield opens her music to a broader landscape in everything from her songwriting to the arrangements ... Overall, Mayfield sounds more nuanced and world-weary here."

  • Tell Me: AP

    "Tell Me is the portrait of a precocious girl growing into self-assured womanhood and a producer reaching the peak of his powers ... a dark and moody album, full of delights throughout, and if it doesn't make Mayfield a star, that too will be heartbreaking."

  • Tell Me: BBC

    BBC [logo]


    "A treasure of tremendous emotional resonance and focus."