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Temporal cover art

Track Listing

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1La Tarara (Trad. / Trad. Andalucian, Akli Yahlatene)3:20
2Las Cuevas (Trad. Flamenco, Faín S. Dueñas / Benjamín Escoriza)5:07
3Canción Sefardí (Trad. Sefardí from 16th c., Adrien Le Roy / Benjamín Escoriza)4:14
4Baile de Almut (Faín S. Dueña s/ Faín S. Dueñas)3:35
5Soleá (Trad. Flamenco, Faín S. Dueñas / Trad.)4:45
6Tangos de la Condición (Trad. Flamenco, Faín S. Dueñas / Trad.)4:16
7Conductus (French procession from 12th c.)3:58
8Temporal (Trad. Flamenco, Faín S. Dueñas / Trad., Benjamín Escoriza)5:20
9El Mandil de Carolina (Trad. Castillian and Galician, Faín S. Dueñas / Trad.)3:50
10Vestido de Flores (Trad. Sanabria, Cantiga Alfonso X [no. 68] / Trad., Benjamín Escoriza)4:50

News & Reviews

  • Benjamín Escoriza, Spanish Singer and Radio Tarifa Vocalist, Dies

    Benjamín Escoriza, the Spanish singer and former vocalist of Radio Tarifa, died on March 9, 2012, after a long illness. Benjamín Escoriza was born in Colomera, Granada, in 1953 and moved to Madrid in 1989, where he met Vicente Molino and Fain Sanchez Dueñas. They would form the band Radio Tarifa, which release four albums on World Circuit/Nonesuch Records: Rumba Argelina, Temporal, Cruzando el Rio, and Fiebre.

About this Album

Recorded over two years, Temporal, the follow-up to Radio Tarifa’s debut, Rumba Argelina, gave Musical Director Faín Dueñas the opportunity to focus more deeply on flamenco music, in addition to Sephardic and traditional music from Andalucia, Castilla, Galicia, and Sanabria. Dueñas explains: “Temporal is more of a concept record, whereas Rumba Argelina indicated paths to be followed. With Temporal, I wanted to define my ideas more and explore deep flamenco.”

The unexpected success of Rumba Argelina led Radio Tarifa to evolve from a part-time studio band to a regular touring group. Since their sold-out concert debut at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1996, the band has toured throughout the world, including a shared bill with the late Malian guitar legend Ali Farka Toure at Royal Festival Hall in London.

Guitarist and percussionist Faín Dueñas formed Radio Tarifa with singer Benjamín Escoriza and Arabic flute player Vincent Molina. The band takes its name from Cape Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain and the closest point to Africa. Dueñas describes Cape Tarifa as “a balcony to the Mediterranean.”


Benjamín Escoriza, vocals (1-3, 8- 10), jaleos (2, 8)
Ramiro Amusategui, oud (1, 6, 7)
Jaime Muela, soprano sax (1), tenor saxophone (7)
Vincent Molino, ney (1, 3, 5, 7), crumhorn (3), poitou oboe (7, 9)
Wafir Sh. Gibril, accordion (1, 10), violin (6)
Faín S. Dueñas, derbuka (1-3, 5- 7, 9, 10), tar (1-3, 5-7, 9, 10), banjo (2), djembe (2, 8), chiqutsi (2, 3, 6, 8, 9), tabla (3, 6, 8), buzuqui (3, 5, 7), pandero (3, 6), percussion (4), bass (5, 6, 9), guitar (5), dolak (6, 10), pandero (7), plato (7), Spanish guitar (8), keyboards (10)
Peter Oteo, bass guitar (1, 2, 7, 10), riq (9)
Sebastián Rubio, bongo (1), cajon (4)
Joaquín Ruíz, Flamenco dancing (2)
Cope Gutiérrez, Hammond organ (3)
R. Jiménez “Falo,” vocals (5, 6), clapping (5)
Javier Paxarino, bansuri (8)
Javier Colina, double bass (8)
Alberto Jambrina, zanfora (9)

All arrangements by Faín S. Dueñas
Additional arrangements by Vincent Molino, Ramiro Amusategui (7)

Recorded at Audiotecnica SL, Madrid under the direction of Antonio del Rosal, with Faín S. Dueñas and Vincent Molino
Mixed in the Estudios Trak, Madrid by Faín S. Dueñas, Vincent Molino, August 1996
Sound technician: Andrés Vázquez
Executive Production: Faín S. Dueñas, Vincent Molino
Musical Direction: Faín S. Dueñas
Remix of “La Tarara” by Francisco Gude

Design by Intro, London
Photography: Javier Salas


This album is available from Nonesuch in the United States and Canada only.

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