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The Art of the Balalaika

About this Album

A favorite Russian folk instrument for centuries, the balalaika is a three-stringed fretted instrument with a distinctive triangular shape. The first balalaika ensemble gave its premiere concert in 1888, establishing the instrument’s place in both the peasant fields and the concert hall. The Odessa Balalaikas carry on this tradition here with a set of Russian folk and popular songs.


Peter Rothe, prima balalaika, alto domra, bass domra
Jonathan Rothe, prima domra, bass domra, gusli
Ksenia Sudarikova, prima balalaika, alto balalaika
Linda O’Brien, alto balalaika, bayan, vocals
David Lieberman, contra-bass balalaika, guitar
Producer: Shirley Walker
Engineering: Roger Mayer, Elektra Sound Recorders
Assistant Engineer: Steve Blazina
Mastering by Jack Hunt, JVC Cutting Center
Production coordinator: Elise Keen
Director: Jac Holzman
Art direction: Ron Coro
Design: John Barr
Illustration: Jim Jacobs

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