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The Story-Faced Man

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  • Vinicio Capossela, "Italy’s Greatest Rock Star" (Sunday Times), Releases New Album, Tours North America

    Vinicio Capossela, one of Italy’s most celebrated and best-selling artists, releases his latest album, The Story-Faced Man, now available digitally from the Nonesuch Store. This compendium offers American audiences an introduction to the music of the man described by the Sunday Times as "Italy’s greatest rock star" and by Mojo as "Italy’s most intriguing musical traveler." Renowned for concerts that fuse rock, theatre, and performance art, Capossela brings the show to North America for one week in March.

About this Album

Nonesuch Records released Vinicio Capossela’s The Story-Faced Man on January 25. For the first time, this 17-track compendium offers audiences in the UK, Ireland, and North America an introduction to the music of one of Italy’s most celebrated and best-selling artists, renowned for his enchanting concerts that fuse rock, theatre, and performance art. Described by the Sunday Times as "Italy’s greatest rock star" and by Mojo as "Italy’s most intriguing musical traveler," Capossela has navigated a inimitable musical path to consistent acclaim during his 20-year career, drawing on a diverse range of influences, from Italian folk to Americana and burlesque.
The album is available as audiophile-quality (320 kbps) MP3s, featuring the bonus track "All'una e trentacinque circa," exclusively in the Nonesuch Store.


Vinicio Capossela, guitar (1), vocals (1, 2, 4-17), Tonara cowbells (3), horns (3), Gem keyboard (3, 5), Minotaur (3), wood dobro (4), National guitar (4), piano (5, 7-11, 14, 17), cannon (7), rhythm guitar (12), Indian harmonium (17)
Zeno De Rossi, dead man’s head (1), donkey’s jaws (1), drums (3, 17), cymbals (15)
Marc Ribot, guitar (1, 2, 9, 10, 12, 17), banjo (1, 12), prehistoric guitar (3), dobro (3), electric guitar (12)
Mario Brunello, cello (1, 5, 16), first vessel (16)
Anna Garano, dobro (1)
Gak Sato, rattles (1), heartbeat (5)
Elia Galante, Shofar (1)
Alfio Antico, tammorre and rattles (2)
Luciano Titi, accordion (2, 8), player piano (7), glockenspiel (9)
Ares Tavolazzi, double bass (2, 10)
Vincenzo Vasi, bass (3), theremin (16)
Gaben Dabire, balaphone (3)
Gavino Murgia, basso “Canto a tenores” (3)
Three Mamoiada’s tenores, “Canto a tenores” (3)
Alessandro “Asso” Stefana, banjo (4), Dr Bohm (6), rhythm machine (6), electric guitar (6), dobro (17)
Calexico (4): Joey Burns, double bass, classical guitar; John Convertino, drums; Martin Wenk, trumpet; Jacob Valenzuela, trumpet
Luciano Macchia, trombone (5)
Enrico Lazzarini, double bass (7, 9, 14), drums (11)
Mirco Mariani, big drums (7, 8), cymbals (8), drums (9, 13)
EdodeArchiensemble, strings (7, 9)
Roy Paci, Gigi De Gasperi, Giulio Rosa, brass (8)
Giancarlo Bianchetti, electric guitar (9, 12), guitar (13)
Achille Succi, bass clarinet, clarion (9)
Marco Brioschi, trumpet (9, 10)
Gigi De Gasperi, trombone (9, 10)
Giulio Rosa, tuba (9)
Fabrice Martinez, cymbalon, solo violin (9)
Lucio Caliendo, drums (11, 14)
Naco, percussions (11, 14)
Giorgio Cavalli, guitar (11, 14)
Antonello Salis, accordion (11)
Ares Tavolazzi, double bass (12)
Glauco Zuppiroli, bass (13, 17)
Giuseppe Fornaroli, guitar (14)
Marco Tamburini, trumpet (14)
Roberto Rossi, trombone (14)
Piero Odorici, saxophone (14)
“A. Busacca” marching band from Scicli, Sicily, conducted by Giovanni Barone (15)
Carmelo Magro “te lo posso fare” and Massimo Piccione, maestros (15)
Gaetano Santoro, baritone saxophone (15)
Giorgio Giovannini, trombone (15)
Massimo Marcer, trumpet (15)
Roy Paci, big drum, conducting (15)
Angels of St. Maurice’s Chapel, choir (16, 17); Stefano Nanni, harmonium, choir score, conductor (16)
Jacob Hernandez, claves (17)
Gabriel Tenorio, slide guitar (17)

Produced by Vinicio Capossela (1, 13, 16, 17); Vinicio Capossel and Mauro Pagani (3); Vinicio Capossela and Gak Sato (6); Vinicio Capossela and Pasquale Minieri (7-10, 12, 15); JD Foster, Vinicio Capossela, and Alessandro Stefana (4, 5); Renzo Fantini (2, 11, 14)
Editing & mastering: Giovanni Versari, Nautilus Studio Mastering, Milano
Production manager: Antonella Scarponi for Warner Music Italy
Concept, visual, and title based on the solo portraits novel The Story-Faced Man by Jacopo Leone (Etc. 2009)

Arrangements by Evan Lurie (2), Gak Sato (6), Antonio Marangolo (11, 14), Roy Paci (15). Score for solo cello by Enrico Gabrielli (5). Strings scores and conducting (7, 10), string and brass orchestration (9) by Tommaso Vittorini.

Music and lyrics by Vinicio Capossela except tracks 12 (Traditional music, lyrics V. Capossela), 13 (L. Beretta, M. Del Prete, Adricel, E. Leoni), and 16 (F. Barovero, R. Paci, V. Capossela).

Executive Producer: Luca Bernini for La Cupa Srl


This album is available from Nonesuch in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland only.

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