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Tibetan Buddhism: Tantras of Gyütö

Tibetan Buddhism: Tantras of Gyütö cover art

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1Sangwa Düpa41:18

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  • David Lewiston & the Nonesuch Explorer Series

    By David Bither
    The work of Nonesuch Explorer Series producer David Lewiston was recently featured at a symposium on the future of Tibetan music at the Rubin Museum in New York. Nonesuch Records' Senior Vice President David Bither moderated the panel and introduced Lewiston; here are his remarks.

About this Album

Music plays an integral role in Tantric Buddhism, seen as a means to transform the whole stream of being into illumined awareness. Chanting, such as that heard on this recording, is recognized as a powerful medium for inward transformation, since it is a dynamic form of meditation.

The Sangwa Düpa tantra, which is concerned with discovering the self-existing sacredness of the universe and always performed a cappella, is chanted here by 40 lamas and monks of the Gyütö Tantric College. It is paired with the Mahakala tantra, chanted with musical accompaniment by 12 lamas and monks.


Lamas and monks of the Gyütö Tantric College

Recorded by David Lewiston in 1972 at Gyütö Tantric College in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India
Field Assistant: Sarah B. Larrabee
Tape editing: Ben Taylor
Mastering by Robert C. Ludwig (Masterdisk Corp.)
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Cover illustration: Detail of a t'anka of Sangwa Düpa from the collection of the Gyütö Tantric College

Originally released on CD on June 15, 1988. Reissued on October 4, 2011.

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