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Tibetan Buddhism: The Ritual Orchestra & Chants

Tibetan Buddhism: The Ritual Orchestra & Chants cover art

Track Listing

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1Padmasambhava Tsechu Sadhana: Invocation (Kunga Tenzin)14:33
2Mahkala Sadhava: Dun-kye (Padma Karpo)12:29
3Mahakala Sadhana: Dag-kye (Padma Karpo)25:59

News & Reviews

  • David Lewiston & the Nonesuch Explorer Series

    By David Bither
    The work of Nonesuch Explorer Series producer David Lewiston was recently featured at a symposium on the future of Tibetan music at the Rubin Museum in New York. Nonesuch Records' Senior Vice President David Bither moderated the panel and introduced Lewiston; here are his remarks.

About this Album

Music plays an integral role in Tantric Buddhism, seen as a means to transform the whole stream of being into illumined awareness. The basic musical concepts and the teachings of Tantric Buddhism originally came to Tibet from India beginning in the eighth century. Chanting, such as that heard on this recording, is recognized as a powerful medium for inward transformation, since it is a dynamic form of meditation.


Monks from Khampagar Monastery, Tashi Jong Community, Himachal Pradesh, India, performing Rituals of the Drukpa Kagyu Order

Produced by David Lewiston
Recorded May 26, 1973, at Khampagar Monastery by David Lewiston
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Art direction and design: John William Costa
Cover illustration: Tibetan ranka of Padmasambhava, photographed by David Lewiston

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