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Tonino Baliardo

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About this Album

This solo effort from Gipsy Kings lead guitarist Tonino Baliardo features a set of original compositions that showcase his “fiery flamenco and jazz” approach (USA Today). The Washington Post dubbed Baliardo “the Gypsy Charlie Bird"; the Chicago Tribune described his playing as “brilliant.”


Tonino Baliardo, lead guitar (1-5, 7-11), rhythm guitar (1-5, 7-11), solo guitar (6)
Jorge “Negrito” Transante, cajon (1), clave (2), drums (11), timbales (11)
Rabah Khalfa, derbouka (1, 5), bender (5)
Gérard Prévost, bass (1, 5, 10, 11), baby bass (2, 4, 9), acoustic bass (7, 8), palmas (9)
Vincent “Turquoiz” Chavagnac, programming (1, 4, 5, 8)
Rodolfo Pacheco Jimenez, voices (2), congas (2, 9, 11), guiro (2), shaker (11)
Julie Saury, bongos (2, 4)
Philippe Macé, vibes (2, 4)
Jacynthe Jacquet, piano (2, 9)
Carles Benavent, bass (3)
Tino di Geraldo, cajon (3), tablas (3), palmas (3)
Nicholas Montazaud, percussion (5, 8), tablas (5)
Roland Faria, voices (7)
Frank Benguigui, electric guitar (7)
André Ceccarelli, drums (7, 9)
Vic Emerson, strings (8, 10), organ (8)
Laurent de Gaspéris, palmas (9), acoustic guitars (10)
Bob Boisadan, Hammond organ (10)
Dominique Droin, piano (11)


Produced and arranged by Gérard Prévost for P.E.M.
Recorded by Philippe Cusset at Stakato Studio, Paris, except track 3 by Philippe Cusset & Tino di Geraldo
Additional recording on track 11 by Guy Simon at Village Studio, Montpellier
Mixed by François Delabrière at Twin Studio, Paris, except track 2 by François Delabrière at Guillaume Tell Studio, Suresnes; and track 6, 8 and 9 by Frédéric Blanc Garin at Twin Studio
Additional mixing: track 1 by Tom Lazarus; and track 3, 4 and 7 by Joel Moss
Mastered by Raphael Jonin at Dyam Music, Paris
Additional mastering by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME

All songs composed by Tonino Baliardo, except track 11 by Tonino Baliardo / Gipsy Kings

Design by Evan Gaffney Design
Cover illustrations by Chris Ware
Photography by Michael Wilson

Executive Producer: Claude Martinez (P.E.M.)

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