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Visions and Miracles

About this Album

The CD of this album is available to purchase at ArkivMusic.

The Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century was home to a great exchange of cultures. One result: the cantiga, a combination of old and new musics from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sources that told stories of adventure, calamity, and redemption, here brought to life by the Ensemble Alcatraz.


Ensemble Alcatraz:
Susan Rode Morris, soprano
Cheryl Ann Fulton, medieval harp
Kit Higginson, recorders and psaltery
Shira Kammen, vielle, rebec, lyre
Peter Maund, percussion
Assisting artists:
Anne Hodgkinson, soprano
Ellen McDonald, soprano
Lawrence Ohran, baritone
Mitchell Sandler, baritone
Produced by Peter Clancy
Recorded at Lone Mountain Chapel, University of San Francisco, Ignatian Heights
Engineer: David Griesinger
Editing: Jack Vad/Gerry Kearby, IMS Dyaxis
Art direction: Henrietta Condak
Cover art: Claudio Bravo, Madonna, 1979-80
Private collection, Courtesy of Marlborough Gallery

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