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West Java: Sundanese Jaipong and Other Popular Music

West Java: Sundanese Jaipong and Other Popular Music cover art

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About this Album

In the late 1970s, a revolutionary new style of popular music and dance emerged in Indonesia. Called Jaipongan, it featured dance movements that were both erotic and humorous, and the accompanying music was dominated by exuberant, highly dynamic drumming. The selections on this record feature the singer Idjah Hadidjah, accompanied by Jugala musicians.


Idjah Hadidjah, vocals
Suwanda, percussion (2, 6, 7)
Jugala musicians, accompaniment

Originally released in 1987 as Tonggeret
Produced for ICON by Yale Evelev
Original sessions produced by Gugum Gumbira
Recorded at Jugala Studios, 1979-1986 Bandung, Indonesia
Engineer: Basuki Leksobowo
Remixed at Cubbage Sound, New York
Engineer: Bob Cubbage
Digital Mastering: Jim Shelton

Design: Doyle Partners
Cover Photograph: © Abbas / Magnum Books
Additional Photographs: Fetiadi Tanzil

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