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Yugoslavia: Songs & Dances from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia & Macedonia

About this Album

Recorded in 1968 at Smotra Folklora, an annual international folklore festival, this album features folk songs and dances performed by Croatian villagers. The music presented here is mainly that of another time—not of modern, industrialized, and war-torn Yugoslavia, but of a slower paced, self-contained agricultural society that has since disappeared.


Musicians of Debeljaci, Bosnia (1, 7, 12); Prkovci and Siskovci, Croatia (2, 3, 5); Bizovac, Croatia (4, 8, 13); Babino Polje, Croatia (6, 9, 10, 14); Vrbnik, Croatia (11); Gevgelia, Macedonia (15)

Producer: Martin Koenig
Recorded 1968 in Yugoslavia by Martin Koenig
Recording Engineer: David B. Jones
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig
Coordinator: Teresa Sterne

Art direction and design: John William Costa
Cover photograph: Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum

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