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Sierra Maestra

About Sierra Maestra

“The band are revivalists, specializing in son, the basic form of salsa, but constantly changing styles, from fifties pop to forties big-band and thirties jazz styles, dominated by trumpet and piano, through to percussive, African-influenced songs from the last century. All performed with passion, enthusiasm and enormous energy.” —The Guardian (November 1997)

Formed in Havana in the late 1970s, Sierra Maestra is arguably Cuba’s finest nine-piece son band. They were the first modern group to play with the classic son line-up of the 1920s and 30s, which features tres, guitar, trumpet, bongos, guiro, maracas, clave, and vocals.

Latest Release

  • Tíbiri Tábara

    Tíbiri Tábara

    With Tíbiri Tábara, Sierra Maestra, arguably Cuba’s finest nine-piece son band, celebrates its 21st anniversary. Recorded in 1997, this collection of songs from the son tradition employs the classic son line-up, augmented on some tracks by piano and trumpet section. The group covers a repertoire ranging from 19th-century traditional changí and son, through earthy guarjira, up-tempo big band guaracha and sucu-sucu, powerful son-montuno and riffing descarga style Afro-Cuban jazz.