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Caetano Veloso

on May 29, 2008 - 7:06pm

Caetano Veloso's Nonesuch CD catalog is now available from the Nonesuch Store; however, free album MP3 downloads, available with other discs in the Store, are not included with these CDs.

Caetano Veloso, dubbed “one of the greatest songwriters of the century” (New York Times), is among the most influential and beloved artists to emerge from Brazil. Known there since the 1960s, Veloso has made more than 30 recordings to date and has developed a strong international following.

Born in Santo Amaro, Bahia, in 1942, Caetano Veloso began his professional musical career in 1965 in São Paulo.

Kronos Quartet

on May 29, 2008 - 7:06pm

For 40 years, the Kronos Quartet—David Harrington, John Sherba (violins), Hank Dutt (viola), and Sunny Yang (cello)—has pursued a singular artistic vision, combining a spirit of fearless exploration with a commitment to continually re-imagining the string quartet experience.

John Adams

on May 29, 2008 - 7:06pm

"His music is both lush and austere, grand and precise. To make an analogy to two poets whose work he has set to music, it’s Walt Whitman on the one hand and Emily Dickinson on the other." —New York Times

John Adams is one of America’s most admired and respected composers. A musician of enormous range and technical command, he has produced works, both operatic and symphonic, that stand out among all contemporary classical music for the depth of their expression, the brilliance of their sound, and the profoundly humanist nature of their themes.