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Ben Folds Collaboration with Nick Hornby on "Lonely Avenue" "A Marriage Made in Some Bookish Corner of Heaven" (Brisbane Times)

Ben Folds / Nick Hornby: "Lonely Avenue" [cover]

Ben Folds has three more shows in his Australian tour, featuring music from his Nonesuch debut album, Lonely Avenue, including two this weekend: at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne tonight and at the A.E.C. Theatre in Adelaide on Sunday. Australian singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke is joining throughout the tour there. Following Tuesday's show in Perth, Folds heads next to Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea.

He spoke with 774 ABC Melbourne radio's Sally Warhaft earlier today about working with English novelist Nick Hornby, who wrote the lyrics on the album. You can listen to the show online at

The Australian describes Lonely Avenue as "a fine ensemble of adult pop songs." The paper's Sean Sennett picks the album track "Belinda" as its "finest moment," calling it "a masterclass in late 1960s, early 70s songcraft." Reviewing this week's concert in Brisbane, Sennett concludes: "Able to turn on a dime between grand piano and synthesiser, Folds impresses with his storytelling and humour. He has a gift for seizing on the minutiae of everyday life and wrapping them in well-crafted melodies." Read more at

The Brisbane Times calls the Folds/Hornby collaboration "a real page-turner ... a marriage made in some bookish corner of heaven." The Times's Michael Dwyer, in a profile of Folds, says "The musician's feel for the rhythm and emotional arc of a good story perfectly complements the novelist's lyrics." Dwyer too cites "Belinda" as a stand-out track on the album, saying: "Nowhere are the pair's respective talents more seamlessly realised than on 'Belinda.'" You can read the article at

A former resident of Adelaide, Folds took a tour of his old haunts and spoke with Adelaide Now about some of his favorites. You can read that article at

To pick up a copy of Lonely Avenue, head to the Nonesuch Store, where orders include high-quality, 320 kbps MP3s of the complete album included at checkout. For more on upcoming performances, visit


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