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Colorado Daily: Wilco's "Blazing, Sweaty Sets" Leave Audiences "Mesmerized with Every Moment" in New Concert Film

Wilco "Ashes of American Flags" [DVD cover]

Ashes of American Flags, the new film by Christoph Green and Fugazi’s Brendan Canty documenting the live Wilco concert experience, is due out on DVD in the Nonesuch Store on Saturday, April 18, National Record Store Day. The film has been a featured selection in film festivals across the country (see schedule here) and will be screened at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado, tonight as part of that city's weekly film series.

"The members of Wilco are road dogs," says the Colorado Daily's Wendy Kale, an idea brought to life in the film, which sees them playing "playing blazing, sweaty sets at historic concert halls."

She spoke with Green about the arduous but rewarding process of making the film, following the band on tour and capturing performances in five cities, and about the filmmakers' relationship with the band, which includes Jeff Tweedy's 2006 solo concert film, Sunken Treasure, also available from Nonesuch.

"This movie makes the case for Wilco being such a fantastic band and a group that really has something to say," Green tells Kale. "Normal concert films get boring after a while, so we wanted to make a movie that had some substance ... Wilco is really a fantastic band. I can’t think of a better live band."

Says Kale: "The movie’s concert scenes show the members of Wilco celebrating every stage moment, while the audiences are mesmerized with every moment of the performances."

Read more of the interview in the article at

The DVD is available for pre-order in the Nonesuch Store now. Orders placed before April 28, the DVD's wide release, include a free video download of the film performance of "Monday." You can watch the film's trailer at

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