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Devendra Banhart Unveils Third Song, "Mi Negrita," Off His Forthcoming Album, "Mala"

Devendra Banhart: "Mala" [LP cover]

Devendra Banhart, whose new album, Mala, is due out on Nonesuch Records on March 12, has unveiled a third track off the album. "Mi Negrita" premiered on Venezuela's Cochinopop earlier today and can now be heard below.

The Venezuela site was a fitting launch for the Spanish-language "Mi Negrita," a song Banhart conjured up while envisioning himself “in an oversized suit, slightly sweaty” on the set of the Venezuelan variety show Super Sabado Sensacional, a program he’d watch as a child growing up in Caracas in the ’80s.

“In Spanish, I can have a lot more flexibility,” Banhart has said. “I have a limited vocabulary—in English and in Spanish—but with Spanish I can get more into the sound of the words, I can have more fun with it. I can even get more autobiographical in Spanish. I feel comfortable revealing more, expressing something sincere about trauma or pain, which is not really a space I’m comfortable occupying. I can take things further in Spanish.”

Today's unveiling of "Mi Negrita" follows the premieres of two other album tracks, "Für Hildegard von Bingen" on Pitchfork and "Never Seen Such Good Things" on NME. Both songs can also be heard here, where Mala may be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl with an instant download of " Für Hildegard von Bingen"; a limited-edition, autographed print; and a download of the complete album available starting release day. The Mala LP is pressed on 140-gram vinyl and includes the album on CD, an additional 7” with two bonus tracks, and an exclusive poster.

Listen to "Mi Negrita" here via Devendra Banhart's YouTube channel:


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