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Free Download: Ry Cooder's New Song, "Wall Street Part of Town," in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Ry Cooder by Vincent Valdez
Ry Cooder's new song about the Occupy Wall Street movement, "Wall Street Part of Town," premiered last week on the Jon Wiener show on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, distributed via the Pacifica Radio network. Cooder recorded the song just last Tuesday, and it first aired on Wiener's show on Wednesday, a fundraiser for the Pacifica Radio Archives' Campus Campaign National Education Project, which places audio collections in high schools and colleges across the country. The song also aired on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman last week. You can now listen to the song, download it for free, and help spread the good word via the player below.

Cooder's latest album, Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down, released earlier this year on Nonesuch, was inspired by a news headline about the Wall Street bailout. He began work on the album with the track “No Banker Left Behind,” an ode to the corrupt few spared from the financial crisis while most were left to fend for themselves. Uncut calls this "one of his best albums ever ... an impassioned portrait of 21st century America and its injustices" in which Cooder is "remade as a modern-day Woody Guthrie, fearless and funny, for like Guthrie he nails his targets with droll humour while empathising with society's underdogs." The BBC calls it "essential listening."

To pick up a copy of Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down, head to the Nonesuch Store, where CD orders included high-quality, 320 kbps MP3s at checkout. The album is also available as MP3s and FLAC lossless files.

Listen to the new song, "Wall Street Part of Town," and download it for free here:

Ry Cooder: "Wall Street Part of Town"


It´s another great Ry Cooder song! Congratulations! I´m a fan of Ry Cooder, Randy Newman and NONESUCH Philsosphy since many years...

It's this kind of spirit that will help keep the movement alive and growing. Thanks Ry, for this and all you've done. "Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down" is a great album, I'm wearing the bits down from playing it so much.

p.s. Your book of short stories, Los Angeles Stories, was great reading. What's next? A movie? ;-)

Wow....another great tune. Continuing this arc called "Some of the Best Records I Ever Made"! And from a guy who's totally fed up with the music biz! Not bad at all---and not sure why it takes the UK to pick up on how great it is, but oh well. Plus books, too. Kind of like a dream come true....if we were dreamers...

Songwriter bwaySteve's song "99 Percenter" combines the angst of the past with the present - a unique perspective from the lens of a 60s protester...

Thank you Ry for posting this and thank you Nonesuch for continuing to release such great music.

My "Wall Street Part of Town" won't play.

love you ry!

Thank you!


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