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Hear Emmylou Harris's "Hard Bargain" Streaming in Its Entirety as NPR First Listen

Emmylou Harris: "Hard Bargain" [cover]

Emmylou Harris's new album Hard Bargain is out on April 26, and NPR has chosen it as this week's First Listen; from now until release day, you can stream the album in full at NPR's Rita Houston says that Harris brings "her serene grace and light touch" and her "career-long habit of defying genres and boundaries," to the 13 tracks, 11 of which were penned by Harris.

Houston highlights the album's first track, "The Road," a "fond remembrance" of Harris's friendship and musical partnership with Gram Parsons, as well as the song "Darlin' Kate," Harris's "goodbye letter" to friend Kate McGarrigle. Read more about the album and listen until release day at

A feature about Harris was in the UK’s Independent on Sunday, in which writer Fiona Sturges interviews her about her 40-year career. Sturges also touches on Harris's genre-defying work, and in the interview, Harris herself says "I've been bleeding outside the lines for some time...I like to think I have my own category by now. I once said that I smoked country music but I didn't inhale." They discuss her relationship with Gram Parsons, her mentor, whom she credits as "kick-starting" her career: "It's important to acknowledge the door that you came through. For me, that door was Gram." Read the full interview at

To reserve your copy of Hard Bargain, head to the Nonesuch Store now.


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