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Louis Andriessen Featured in Week-Long Immersive Composer Spotlight from Q2 Radio

Louis Andriessen

One week after the announcement of Louis Andriessen's receipt of the 2011 Graweyemer Award for Music Composition, the Dutch composer is the focus of a week-long Immersive Composer Spotlight from Q2, the 24/7 online radio station of New York's Classical WQXR featuring new music.

"We're thrilled to spotlight Dutch composer Louis Andriessen, who has, in ways both clear and covert, played a crucial role in the sonic identity of Q2," says the station.

Andriessen and his work can be heard across Q2's programming this week, including Nadia Sirota's show, airing at 12 AM and PM EST, today; a mini-marathon of Workers Union, Andriessen's 1975 piece, scored "for any loud-sounding group of instruments," starting at 4 PM on Tuesday; a look at Andriessen's father and fellow composer, Hendrik Andriessen, at 4 PM on Wednesday; and a focus Friday on shorter works by many of Louis Andriessen's students, also starting at 4 PM. In addition to these shows, Q2's programming this week includes broadcasts of large-form works he has recorded for Nonesuch, De materie, De staat, and De tijd, weekday evenings at 10 PM, and his operas Rosa: The Death of a Composer, Saturday at 2 PM, and Writing to Vermeer, Sunday at 8 PM.

"From the breakthrough, large-form collaborations with Peter Greenaway to the concentrated punches of pieces introduced to the U.S. by groups such as the Bang on a Can All-Stars," says the Q2 staff, "descriptions of Andriessen's style abound with the same complex energy as his ecstatic, rhythmic experimentations. So sit back from the computer for a moment; his music rewards full attention and doesn't take background listening lightly."

For more information and to listen in online, visit

For a look through Andriessen's Nonesuch catalog, visit the Nonesuch Store, where CDs of the operas Writing to Vermeer and Rosa: The Death of a Composer are now 33% off standard retail price as part of the Store's ongoing 3rd anniversary sale.


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