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Philadelphia Inquirer: Payton Hits Sweet Spot on New Album

Nicholas Payton: Into the Blue [cover]

"The first poignant tones make it clear that trumpeter Nicholas Payton is hitting a sweet spot on his new CD," writes the Philadelphia Inquirer's Karl Stark in his 3.5-star review of Payton's Nonesuch debut, Into the Blue, a blend of "dreaminess with some serious playing." Stark points out two songs on the album written by Payton's father, bassist Walter Payton, the "gorgeous opener" ("Drucilla") and "Nida," with its nod to the Paytons' hometown in "a gentle form of Crescent City funk."

To watch footage from the album recording session featuring both "Drucilla" and "Nida," click here. To read the Inquirer review, visit