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Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe to Tour Europe This Summer

  • Tuesday, March 3, 2009
    Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe to Tour Europe This Summer

    Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe have announced an intimate, three-week tour of Europe to begin with three nights at Dublin's Olympia Theatre in mid-June. Cooder and Lowe’s working relationship began in the late 1980s, and following two benefit performances together at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last year—featuring a selection of work from both their celebrated careers—the pair have decided to take their show on the road.

    For the tour, Cooder and Lowe will be joined by Flaco Jimenez on accordion, Joachim Cooder on drums, and vocalist Juliette Commagere. After Dublin, the group heads to Belfast, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome, Turin, Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao.

    For more information and links to purchase tickets, visit


on March 2, 2009 - 5:40pm

Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe have announced an intimate, three-week tour of Europe to begin with three nights at Dublin's Olympia Theatre in mid-June. Cooder and Lowe’s working relationship began in the late 1980s, and following two benefit performances together at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last year—featuring a selection of work from both their celebrated careers—the pair have decided to take their show on the road. They will be joined by Flaco Jimenez on accordion, Joachim Cooder on drums, and vocalist Juliette Commagere.


Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe have announced an intimate, three-week tour of Europe to begin with three nights at Dublin's Olympia Theatre in mid-June. Cooder and Lowe’s working relationship began in the late 1980s, and following two benefit performances together at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last year—featuring a selection of work from both their celebrated careers—the pair have decided to take their show on the road.

For the tour, Cooder and Lowe will be joined by Flaco Jimenez on accordion, Joachim Cooder on drums, and vocalist Juliette Commagere. After Dublin, the group heads to Belfast, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Milan, Rome, Turin, Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao.

For more information and links to purchase tickets, visit


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 - 09:45
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No London dates?

Good to see you on the road again, Ry!

I hope you will play "Three Chords and the Truth"

and I hope you will do a US tour, including New York

/ Northern New Jersey.

And Ry, it wouldn't hurt to set up a web site. There

are plenty of people who would benefit from that!

Unfortunately, there are no London dates currently scheduled for the tour, and there aren't as yet any plans for a US tour. Of course, we'll be sure to let you know if there's any change in plans.


Sorry to harp on this (have also sent an email!), but are there definitely going to be no other UK (preferably London!) dates announced for this tour? Just want to be sure before I start denting my paypacket with tickets and trains to Edinburgh!


They're playing two nights in Edinburgh too, 9 and 10 July at the Festival Theatre.

Thanks, indeed, the two Edinburgh shows have now been added to the list. These are now all of the dates the tour organizers have confirmed, with, unfortunately, no London dates.

Please let me know if a London date is announced.

Fantastic that we'll get to see Ry and Flaco again but would you all stop being so embarrassingly London-centric? For those of us who live in Scotland, London is SO not the centre of the universe. Good for Ry Cooder and his colleagues for giving it a miss this time and giving us the opportunity to see him without a long journey. By the way, had you actually realised that Edinburgh is one of the main arts cities in the world? The August Edinburgh Festivals represent the biggest festival on the planet.

Thanks for coming to Italy again after about 15 years (unforgettable night with David Lindley). See you in Rome...

great to see ry bucking the trend and thinking of his scottish fans - good on ya! quite often artists british appearances amount to london and not much else!!!

looking forward to the edinburgh gig.hope you play stuff from ' I flathead - one of your best albums ever! ry - i know you probably don't care much for this - but your fans would love an offical ry cooder website ........the none such site is better than nothing though.

It would be great to see some London or south of England dates (as well as the Edinburgh dates - not instead of)

That Tour Poster is awesome! Europe: You are incredibly LUCKY!

I was beyond fortunate to see Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe's amazing performance at the historical Great American Music Hall in San Francisco last year... Amazing is putting it mild... Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt were among their fans that attended this rare event, sitting in the balcony enjoying the incredible show.

At the encore, Elvis actually joined them on stage for a couple of tunes! It redefined fantastic.

Those of us in the United States are extremely envious of all you lucky people in Europe. It is our great hope that Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe will extend their tour for dates in our country too. Although I was among the few to see the SF show, it was actually a benefit concert that was basicly promoted to in-the-know folks with deep pockets and their friends. I learned about the concert from a guy who was sitting next to me at the Ersi Arvizu concert in San Jose CA. Seems we were both jazzed to see Ry Cooder playing guitar for her.
He asked me if I was going to see him at the Great American Music Hall... HELLO! I had no idea he was going to be playing there!
Naturally, I went bananas trying to secure tickets and was fortunate to obtain a couple.

If you have the opportunity... GO. If I know Ry... and I don't... but the likelihood of him doing more dates is basicly imaginary...
I pray that the associated artists (Flaco Jimenez, Joachim Cooder, Juliette Commagere, Nick and Ry) will allow Nonesuch Records to capture this tour for potential DVD release for fans across the globe that are not lucky enough to see this show live.

Me thinks, it's only the "right thing to do".

Delighted to see two Edinburgh gigs arranged. I totally agree with other comments that too many artists are London-centric. Find it really odd that an artist of Ry Cooder's standing doesn't have his own website - come on Ry, step into the 21st century. Really looking forward to the gig.

yes I agree as well but there's no chance for me to get up north with my two little'uns. Just have to live in hope for the DVD............please!!

hi all,been watching cooder shows since 1st tour early 70s amazing performances from a great artist ,the album my name is buddy is very prophetic for these times ,i now live south west uk and would have to take 2 daughters to shows and no way could i make it to scotland or ireland or europe ticket price doesnt matter if you have seen his shows before you wouldnt mind paying anything ,how about birmingham or bristol,hope the brilliant people at nonesuch film this it would be crimminal to disregard these shows..three chords and the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST ANNOUNCED - Ry Cooder playing at The Sage Gateshead on 8th July, tickets went on sale today apparently!! Already sold lots, only England date so get your hands on them quick! just bought mine through the website -
stuff london, come to the north east!

he is also playing gateshead sage on july 8th, just got tickets. i dont know how londoners can complain, the amount of times i have had to travel a 560 mile round trip and stay the night to see fave artists/bands, give me edinburgh and glasgow any day nicer cities, people and venues.

Indeed, the new date at The Sage Gateshead has just been announced with tickets available through the venue's site. That information has now been added to the tour page at We've also updated the list with more show start times and direct ticket-buy links. Please note that the venue for the Barcelona show on 30 June has been changed to the Sant Jordi Club.

I'm in Oregon, USA and just talked to a buddy in Gateshead who was on the phone to the Sage Center when the tickets went on sale - 16th in line - and was not able to score any of the tickets barring the 55 quid ones - who snatched up all the cheaper tix? Was this another one of those lousy ticketmaster type scams or just touts with an inside angle. Conspiratorial minded individuals want to know :)

I just hope they arrange some gigs together in the Pacific NW and if they could play Edgefields in Troutdale, OR that would be perfect :)

The last time I was able to see Cooder was back on the Borderline tour in Newcastle! What was that.... 1980-81?

I discovered Ry late in life, Buena Vista Social Club was the 1st, and have not stopped searching for everything Ry since then. I live in the NYC area and would love to see Ry live, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets the out this way sometime soon. I’m sure the fans will respond favorably. I can't say enough about this mans talent! Hey Ry.... you must be craving a NYC pretzel, or a slice of Original Ray's Pizza!

131 Euro for tickets in Ireland. Does this man not know there is a recession on? How Can A Poor Man stand such Times & Live.

I have been a rabid Cooder fan since discovering back in the early '70s the revelation of Woody Guthrie's Vigilante Man as channeled through Blind Willie Johnson. I bought all the albums he has put out since, including the more obscure OSTs. He never comes here to Munich, so imagine my delight when my wife bought two very expensive tickets to the Dublin gig on June 10th, and organized a babysitter, flights, and lodging. Now imagine my disappointment today when I learned the concert had been cancelled - apparently because tickets were so dear that not enough were sold to fill the venue for three nights. Sure, it's a pain that the airfare and hotel room are nonrefundable. But it pains me far more that my musical hero, who is so quick to question the integrity of politicians and the business ethics of corporations, is just as disdainful as they are of their constituents and customers. It's the same old greasy number, Ry.

You probably all know this already, but at Nick's Albert Hall gig last night they were dishing out flyers announcing London gigs on 5 and 6 July (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and Lyceum Theatre (the old ballroom where the Clash played). Tix:

Agree with Con (above) Edinburgh tickets also very expensive - EXTORTION.
And London tickets are always more than "the provinces"...

Obviously they only want their rich fans to attend.

looking forward to paris. what's the back story on ry and nick as playing companions? two of my favourite musicians and I didn't know they had a joint thing going...

Just got an e-mail that Ry Cooder & Nick Lowe will play Zurich, Switzerland on the 28th of June 2009. On the tour itinerary there is a show in Turin, Italy scheduled for that date. What's up with that? Presale by the Swiss promotor starts in 12 hours through their website. At the same time, the presale for Turin ist still open. Where will they play on the 28th of June? Enlightenment would be highly appreciated.

Indeed, the June 28 date has just been moved from Turin's Auditorium Lingotto "Giovanni Agnelli" to Zurich's Kongresshaus. For ticket information, please visit

Thanks. And I agree re. ticket prices. They are simply ridiculous. As a musician and a fan I welcome the decision to play smaller venues where the sound will be better. One reason for admiring Mr Cooder's work is all the attention that goes into the small details. We all know the man plays better than ever and I am really looking forward to experience two concerts of this long overdue tour by my two favourite musicians. But still, 90 Euros for ONE TICKET? Come on. I like to make a buck myself when I go out and play but this is over the line. That does not mean I won't pay the price, hehehe. After 15 years I'd pay anything and so will a lot of other folks. And of course you are aware of that...

Looking forward to seeing Ry in Belfast again this evening. Also to seeing Flaco with him - last time Ry was here - about 15 or so years ago - he played with David Lindley but no Flaco. Tickets are expensive alright. Luckily for me, a loving wife bought mine for my birthday (in February). Tonight's the night. Have to go on my own though!

Ohh, how fortunate are those who will be able to see Ry perform, along with Joaquim and good ol' Flaco, along with Nick Lowe and Juliette singing away so harmoniously and beautifully.

I feel like 'a lonely little petunia in an onion patch' here in San Antonio, so far from these performances.

Ry Cooder, come play in San Antonio, so I can stop crying once and for all.

All I have is your '53 Chevy Good Humor Ice Cream Truck to look at over at the San Antonio Museum of Art---and with that I can dream with your music and message going down the streets of Chavez Ravine hanging out and groovin' with La Gente, sending out love and dignity and a healthy sense of pride and identification with the Good Humor Ice Cream Bars I sell from the most beautiful ice cream truck in the whole wide world as songs like Chinito, Chinito, and Baseball Man, and all of your songs blaze out the bosinas full blast with The Truth.

I just read the Nonesuch 'News' section that Flaco Jimenez will not be performing with Ry and Nick Lowe on this latest European Tour due to back problems. I hope Flaco recouperates well and wish him all the best.

I also read that Ry's most recent literature, Los Angeles Stories, will be available only through the tour.
'Poor, poor, pitiful me,' until I get myself a copy. Please, please, please make Ry's literary work available for
the rest of us after the tour is over. Until then, I have decided to read John Steinbeck's works to stay in tune with
Ry. I'm starting off with Cannery Row today. BTW, I haven't read Steinbeck since high school. I love Ry's influence
no matter which way it comes because it's absolute truth and beauty---so, so cool even when it causes pain.

I'm looking forward to 'I, Flathead', which I just found out about---the greatest news I could have heard or felt ever since we got rid of Bush and Cheney.

I'll know when to start listening and feeling once again. It's coming.

Until then, my heart's pounding as loud and clear as the bells at the Vatican or Westminster Abbey in wait of Ry's work with a loud
wooo-hoooo, too, because I'm so excited that I'm having to hold on tight with all of my might, most seriously .

Most Truly,

Hi IVAN. What did you think of the Belfast concert? I was there and I must say I was SO disappointed by the poor sound mix/balance. Juliette (despite her great voice) was practically drowned out when she was behind the keyboard in the intro set. And even in the Ry/Nick main set, apart from some of the quieter numbers and the encores at the end, a lot of it was over-amped and even distorted, with Ry's great lyrics frustratingly hard to make out. I know the Waterfront is a fairly small venue, and they had just come from the Odyssey in Dublin which is bigger, but still - the sound man should have been on top of this. I don't know what he was doing all night. I hope they get this sorted before the tour goes much further, so that other audiences will hear the music as Ry and Nick would want them to hear it. I had been looking forward to this concert for SO long ...

I hope that the sound man does get things sorted out by the time the tour gets to Edinburgh....and that the gig lasts longer than the hour and a half reported from one of the Dublin gigs....£75 is the most I have paid for an individual gig...I am looking forward to the gig.
Look forward also to good reports from the tour as it makes its way around Europe, and hopefully Ry will be on the bill at next years Merlefest.

I saw Ry last Friday in Dublin, great gig (1h45min and nothing (I mean nothing) from I, Flathead. I still can't believe that as I think it is his best album in years. I have seen Ry many times over the years mainly in '70's and '80s and while it didn't live up to those gigs it was a huge improvemnt on Little Village and the family tour with David Lindley (in my humble opinion). Still trying to get over the ticket prices for Dublin (€137) and in UK they are complaining because it is £75. He also played How Can a Man Stand Such Times and Live - a brave choice. Neil Young is playing on Sunday in Dublin and the dearest tickets are €75.

I love Flathead!!

It makes me c-ry the way it's supposed to be.

I'm a lucky gal to have Ry's music in my life and I thank God for allowing me to experience just what I'm going through right now with I, Flathead.

I wouldn't give this up for all the money or power in the world.

With Love and Tears That Pick Me Up,

Now Playing: Johnny Cash

PS: I love the sounds of Ry's guitar and his Kash Buk voice that feels like home to me that's been home for at least the last thousand years.

I loved Warren Zevon's style and there's nobody who can even compare to our late, departed and beloved buddy, Warren, who I miss still.

But, Ry's song, 'Waitin' for Some Girl,' reminds me sooo much of Warren's style---the voice, the guitar, the mood, the bittersweetness of it all
brings me soooo much gusto and energy and joy and even brings tears to my eyes, as usual, with Ry. Such a gift from Ry in my eyes, heart, and soul.
I keep wondering if there was some sort of 'spiritual communion' between Warren and Ry during the making of the song. It's incredible like the rest of the record!

After I was introduced to his music and saw Warren perform at a few concerts during his 'Life'll Kill 'Ya' tour back in '99 or 2000, I was hooked, that when I returned to San Antonio, I adopted a beautiful Siberian Husky mix from the Humane Society and named her Zevon and then my son, Gil, to keep Zevon company, brought me home and midget Jack Russell Terrier a few days later and named him Cooder and little Cooder is a loving terror. Lordy!!!

But I love Zevon and Cooder like y'all cannot believe---the rest of my cats and dogs, all of who came after these two, have sorta normal creature names like Gigolo, Che, Fellini, Buffalo Belle and others and I love them the same as Cooder and Zevon, but I owe this great love for all my buddy ol' pal creatures to Zevon and Cooder and they all love to listen to Warren and Ry, too. They LOOOOVE I, Flathead, btw, just like I, NormaJean.


PS to Nonesuch Records: I came across Ry's 'The Ufo Has Landed' at Walmart.Com. Why is it not listed here at Nonesuch?
I'm going to buy it and was just wondering what record label it was since it seems somewhat odd and the gives no details concerning this matter. Thanks!

PSII: I saw Ry's Ice Cream Truck at the San Antonio Museum of Art again this last Tuesday after my meditation classes at SAMA and Chinito, Chinito was playing louder than usual and these little kids were dancing and I was happy and there were lots of folks getting off to Ry's music and truck. I told my son I was going to hitch a ride with Ry one day and he just smiled and asked where I was going to sit since there is no passenger seat.

Hi Ry

Is there any chance that your live concert played in Santa Monica in 1987 (i think) will ever be released on CD and/or DVD. I saw it once on TV and recorded it on a VHS tape. A 'friend' borrowed and scarpered with it. To mind, this was one of the all time classic concerts, with Flaco, Van Dyke Parkes, et al - absolutely fabulous.

I would die a happy man if this could be released.

See you in Liverpool on July 11th at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool

All best wishes and condolences to Flaco on his ill-health - hope he makes it back soon.

Dear Mr. Cooder,

I so appreciate the opportunity to hear you perform from Les Blank's perspective on YouTube. My brother sent me the link to Volver, Volver day before yesterday and the performance is quite stirring.

I join with the others on the site who are hoping for a US tour, but selfishly perhaps just an intimate performance in a Central Valley venue, such as the Shagoyan Theater in Fresno? I am quite certain you and Mr. Lowe would very much enjoy the acoustics there.

The trip up could be quite a pleasure, too. Hwy 14 E from Hwy 5 offers a fantastic landscape (which you're probably well aware of); Mojave to Tehachapi is a nice stretch and always makes me think of the lyrics from Willin'.

You guys would get a kick out of doing a wine tasting up in Paso Robles on the way through from Southern Cali and from there it's only a silly two--and-a-half hour trip up highways 46/41 to get to Fresno. Add to that that portions of the trip are really quite beautiful--especially the foothills of the coastal range that border the Central Valley: a perfect enjoyment in geography for Mr. Lowe. Great vineyards there--for example, J. Lohr, if you like the Central Coast reds.

I look forward to hearing your stories coming up!

Have a wonderful time in Europe!


I really enjoyed the playing at the show on Saturday night in Rome ... but the whole set lasted less than 80 minutes. That's a pretty poor deal.

Hi Ry,

It would be very nice to see you play in Stockholm, Sweden, this summer. Is there any chance that would happen?


kiaora,i'm on my way to london from new zealand, do you want to jam and drink whiskey mr cooder, i arrive on the 4th july,with my slide,chur

Hey! I saw Ry and Co. playing last night in Bilbao, Basque Country, and it was GREEAATT!!! Juliette also was an excellent performance. Thanks!!

I, Flathead has become part of me like my breathing. I love this album---and I must add some Joni influenced words which describe what I feel for the music and what it means to me and that it's already 'in my blood like holy wine' and so I just keep on truckin' with Ry, Kash Buk, and crew over and over and over...and I don't stop!!!

Ry's guitar playing is the best In this spinning world and I swirl in harmony around and around with it and am very grateful for all these things.



is there any date in France (Paris?)

thanks for answer


Unfortunately, the European tour has already come to a close. Up next are tours of Japan and Australia. More news on that to come!

Ant word about a US tour? Am sure the could draw large support in thr Rocky Mountain West (e.g., Denver Boulder Ft Collins areas).


Ry, we need to see and hear you in the States! Hopefully in Florida. Fave song: Los Chucos Suaves!!

TP in FL

Looking forward to the Belgium dates Hopefuly two bites of the cherry!!

What Belgium dates?!

Unfortunately, this post comes from March 2009; the European tour took place the summer of that year.

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