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Seattle Times: On Emmylou Harris's New Album, "We Know Gold When We Hear It"

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Emmylou Harris's US tour is now heading down the West Coast, bringing songs from her latest album, All I Intended to Be, and throughout her varied career, from Seattle to San Diego. After her performance at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo last Thursday night, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer pointed to everything from the "outstanding vocal harmonies" to what reviewer Bill White termed "hot and tasty instrumental rides" featured in the live set.

The Seattle Times followed the concert with a review of the new album, asserting: "Emmylou Harris proves on her latest release that she still has one of the best voices in the business." Reviewer Alexis Larsen continues:

The grace of her vocals and the restraint of her songwriting and song choices is what we've come to expect from Harris. The fact that she continues to deliver makes it even more impressive ... [W]e know gold when we hear it.

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thank you so much dearest Emmy lou for your latest album ' all i intended to be' you touch something so deep inside me that i can shut out this crazy world and just get on with life through your music, stay true to yourself my dearest friend in music down under Natalie ,

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