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Steve Reich "2x5" Remix Winners Announced

Steve Reich: "Double Sextet / 2x5" [cover]
Back in October, when Steve Reich was celebrating his 74th birthday, Nonesuch Records and Indaba Music launched a search for collaborators to remix the third movement of the composer's piece 2x5, which Nonesuch had recently released on the same album as his Pulitzer Prize–winning piece Double Sextet. Remixers responded in force, offering over 200 unique interpretations of what Gramophone called "Reich's smartest, most sonically nourishing record for years." Steve Reich has now chosen a Grand Prize Winner and two Runners-Up. Fans have weighed in as well, picking their favorites, with the 10 highest vote-getters on Indaba earning Honorable Mentions.

"All very different re-mixes," the composer says of the diverse array of submissions. "Good to hear the variety!"

The Grand Prize winner receives $500 and a one-year free Platinum membership to Indaba Music. The two runners up receive free three-month Platinum memberships to Indaba. The 10 honorable mentions receive free three-month Pro memberships to Indaba. All of the winners receive autographed copies of the Double Sextet / 2x5 CD as well an autographed manuscript page from the Double Sextet score.

And so, without further ado, here are the Grand Prize-winning remix, by Dominique Leone, and the remixes from two Runners-Up, Vakula and David Minnick:

And the Honorable Mentions:

To pick up a copy of Double Sextet / 2x5 with high-quality, 320 kbps MP3s of the complete album included at checkout, head to the Nonesuch Store, where it's now 33% off the suggested retail price as part of the Nonesuch Store's 3rd anniversary sale.


Sorry, but those top 3 tracks really suck. There were much better ones in the "honourable mentions"

the metal one is the best

I would buy the entire collection of winners and honorable mentions. Steve Reich inspires so many artists. I am a visual artist and Reich's music is always playing in the studio and has pushed me to visual minimalism.

I really would buy some of the remixes. Why isn't that possible?

These aren't as yet for sale, but thank you for your interest; we'll be sure to take your request into consideration.

Thx so much,the package arrived ! The sheet of music will get a place of honor !

these are all brilliant. if only i could have them on my mp3 player...or something. i'm tired of revisiting this page everytime i wanna soak these in.

First of all, you are doing great work as a label for Steve Reich - I'm a long time enthusiast of Reich's music since over 20 years now. I also like to thank you for whoever came up with the idea to do this contest and have so great remixes be made - out of 290 remixes there are 30-40 great works done, not just those 3+10 you listed.

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