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Video: Emmylou Harris Performs from Her New Album, "Hard Bargain," for IFC at SXSW, Talks with Ted Leo

Emmylou Harris: IFC at SXSW 2011
As noted earlier this week in the Nonesuch Journal, Emmylou Harris made quite a splash at the SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas, last week, introducing songs from her forthcoming album, Hard Bargain, at showcases, on the radio, and with a performance at the IFC Crossroads House that streamed live online and will be broadcast at a later date on the IFC cable channel. In the mean time, has posted three videos from Harris's visit to the Crossroads House, which you can watch below.

"The legendary singer's crooning countrified voice swirled over the scene like a cloud, entrancing everyone who heard it," writes IFC's Melissa Locker. "Harris lulled the crowd into a state of sheer awe. The singer and guitarist played songs off her new album Hard Bargain and showed these SXSW kids a thing or two about how a legend is made."

The first two videos come from an interview Harris gave with Ted Leo, in which the two discuss her career, her extensive catalog, and how the new album fits in with that. She also answers questions from the audience via the then-live online stream, including her picks of favorite new bands. First on her list: her label mates The Low Anthem. "I just think they're extraordinary," she says, "so inventive and so original."

Here are the two parts of her interview with Leo:

And here is Harris's IFC performance of the Hard Bargain tune "Six White Cadillacs":

Hard Bargain is available for pre-order in the Nonesuch Store with a manuscript lyric sheet of the opening track, "The Road," a number of which will be signed by Harris. To reserve your copy, head to the Nonesuch Store now.


e damn near . love your frequency ~

u r a huge influence on this songwriter, singer ~

thanks for being there all these years ~

have always been a true fan of yours,my favorites are two more bottles of wine,get up rounder and colman bonner
this new one is very good

emmylou harris is whats good in this world, a great vocalist, agreat performer, a stunning natural beauty, her voice, heartbreaking, butyet calming. my first real job the first album i bought was evangeline, got all her older stuff and yes i still buy everything ican find of hers, ihave 8 tracks, cassettes, cd, albums istilllay her daily. emmylou if you see this you are awesome, god bless you always for all the happiness you gave me and millions of others.

My Dearest Emmy,

If you are still looking for love and don't mind a younger man of 60 years, I promise my never ending love and devotion just as I have given it since I first heard you sing in 1970.

You have the voice that most would think was only reserved for Angels. Those of us that our privileged to be your fans for all of these past years, say thank you for your dedication to making music that makes us better for hearing you.


D. Stallman

Dear Emmylou,

to me you are always in the front line of all female known country singers and song writers. Also, you have always been true to yourself and to your audience. That's what makes the big difference. When I mean true I also mean your features, which also means your quality of songs, your style and along with that your youthful looks. You really deserve all the credentials producers can give to you because you have deserved each and every one of them.
The expression of your mind in your songs always comes across and settles down in my brain. Your will not believe this, but out of several hundred YouTube-Links on my computer, you occupy about 90%.
I am sure you will never change in any aspect, even you are very openminded towards new things coming across if you think they are valueable
enough to be performed.

Thanks for beeing in this Country-World.
You always fill your environment and people with light, even when you sing songs about the dark side of life. It is real art to be able to bring light into peoples life in general. And you happen to be blessed with this gift to do so at all times.

May the good Lord give you the power to be on stage and/or studio for us as long as possible. You brighten up every day of my life and I think I am not alone with my opinion.

Best wishes and all the best for you from Switzerland.
Walter Lussi, Zürich

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