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Watch: Shawn Colvin's "All Fall Down" Video Premieres on YouTube; Colvin Performs on "CBS This Morning"

Shawn Colvin: "All Fall Down" [video]
Shawn Colvin's video for the title track to her new album, All Fall Down, received its world premiere on YouTube today. The video was shot in Colvin's hometown of Austin and directed by Raymond Schlogel/Underground Planet. Watch it below.

Colvin continues to mark the release of the new album and her memoir, Diamond in the Rough, this week bringing the celebration to Los Angeles with a live reading and performance at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove at the Farmers Market this evening and a concert at the El Rey Theatre on Tuesday with Buddy Miller, the producer of All Fall Down, and bassist Viktor Krauss, who performs on the album.

Check out the official "All Fall Down" video here, via Shawn Colvin's YouTube channel:

Colvin, Miller, and Krauss were in New York City on Saturday for an appearance on CBS This Morning. Colvin—"known for her extraordinary songs and incredible guitar playing," says the show—spoke with co-hosts Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis about the new book, and she, Miller, and Krauss performed "All Fall Down" as well as the classic Colvin tune "Sunny Came Home" for the show's "Second Cup Café." Watch the interview and performances at

Colvin is featured in the New York Times' Texas Report from TexasMonthly. She spoke with writer Andy Langer, the afternoon DJ at KGSR in Austin, about Diamond in the Rough.

"Ms. Colvin said she was careful not to let Diamonds evolve into either a self-help book or a name-calling laundry list of ways she thinks she has been wronged," writes Langer. "Instead, like many of Ms. Colvin’s greatest hits, the book is candid about her heartaches but also comically self-deprecating."

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Colvin also spoke about the new book and album with Austin American-Statesman's Brad Buchholz, who calls All Fall Down "superb."

"Colvin's memoir feels a lot like her songs—naked, vulnerable, dappled with restlessness and longing—as it intertwines twin storylines of music and sorrow," writes Bucholz. "As she's proved on her albums, Colvin is very good with words that reflect the scariest interior sensations."

Bucholz goes on to describe All Fall Down as "the most harmonically complex record she's ever done, with jazz guitarist Bill Frisell dabbing the canvas with lovely, melancholy hues."

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Great video!
I'm as old as Shawn. 12 years ago I didn't know who Shawn Colvin was. I found her screwing around on the internet when...who is that? This lady reached me with her music that's like no other. Not that she should care about this but I went back and bought all of old records.
She has a few...but there all great. And the new album...keeps coming to me. She is very special...Number #1.



Love this new record! Here's a link to a great article about Ms. Colvin and her work.

I discovered Shawn Colvin one day in April 1990 when I walked into my favorite record store in Springfield, VA and her CD, "Steady On" was playing on the store's sound system. I was hooked from the very first note. I immeiately bought the CD and rushed home to listen to it over and over. I've seen Shawn in concert at least 10 times I can recall - performing solo with a guitar and with a full band. I loved each concert experience. I have all of her CDs and her video collection on DVD. I'm currently reading her autobiography, "Diamond In The Rough" and I am truly enjoying every page. I have laughed out loud and I've also been close to tears. Yes, I'm a huge Shawn Colvin fan. Thank you Shawn for all these years of music. "If there were no music, then I would not get through".

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