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k.d. lang: "Recollection" Video Highlights

Recollection, k.d. lang's first-ever career retrospective, celebrates 25 years of music from the multiple Grammy and Juno Award-winning artist. Included with the three-CD deluxe edition is a DVD of music videos and rarely seen live performance footage. Here is just a glimpse of the unforgettable sights and sounds you'll find on the DVD.


How nice it will be to have all these great videos in one place! k.d. goes from strength to strength.

thankyou so much for sharing this with me,and i certenally will be buying the "Recollection"..

This is video is such a treat that I'll get the Recollection even though I have every CD! Your music has been "one of my fa-vo-rite things." Keep on keepin' on Girl!

This video is a TREASURE.. so Beautiful

simply one of the loveliest combinations i have seen offered.
i'm there!

Pre-ordered the Deluxe version of Recollections, can't wait to add it to my collection -- I know I will enjoy every moment of it.

Who else has had this plethora of genres, summoning us to flow with the tides of k.d. lang? She is the 'mother of re-invention', from Patsy Cline in a barn to the watershed of her life, k.d.made no promises other than to sing for all the right reasons.

judy aka cmm

Finally, I have been waiting forever! I can't wait to get it.

THE VOICE of a generation, of the century, such depth, quality, timber, and tone...I am delighted about this new dvd, I want it!

Funny this post should show up now...I just got a bunch of KD Lang CDs from the library, because I already had one of her albums (Ingenue), and wanted to see if I might like others even half as much. Ditto what Debster said in the post above...I couldn't find the right words. I think KD has one of the best voices of our time.

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