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Randy Newman: Revisiting "Laugh and Be Happy"

  • Monday, August 4, 2008
    Randy Newman: Revisiting "Laugh and Be Happy"

    Randy Newman discusses the origins of "Laugh and Be Happy," which he has revised for his album Harps and Angels, and gives a solo performance of the song.

on August 4, 2008 - 12:57pm

Randy Newman discusses the origins of "Laugh and Be Happy," which he has revised for his album Harps and Angels, and gives a solo performance of the song.

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Randy Newman


u rock RANDY!

Great song from a great album!
Was one of the first to get tickets for Groningen in May , Can't wait, Ill bring 5 people this time who haven't seen you live yet!
Merry Xmas.


Beste Randy

Wat ben ik blij dat U weer naar Europa komt.Het kaartje voor 11 mei 2010 is al in bezit.Ik wens U een goede tournee toe.

It must have been 1979/1980 at a TV Awards show in Berlin. My band The Boomtown Rats were on the show and you were picking up an award for Little Criminals/Short People I think. You could have heard a mouse fart in the auditorium when, unscheduled, you kicked off with Germany Before The War!! Man the thought of it now still brings a smile to me face. And then perhaps in the late 1980's I was driving in London and drummer Pete Thomas was in the car and I put on a Randy album and Pete asked who's Randy Newman. I filled him in and berated his lack of musical education and said he should record with you one day, that would be cool. Well I think Pete's played on a few albums now with you. I look forward to your Royal Festival Hall gig in London on 19th November - so does my 12 year old son - part of his education you might say. Man you should've seen those jaws drop in Berlin!

Dear Randy,

I would first like to say that I am a great admirer of your latest album, and along with the new Brian Wilson record, I've been listening to it almost constantly. It's really delightful to hear a musician unafraid to be socially relevant, while at the same time lacking the pretension that normally accompanies said boldness. I think you have a powerful, unique voice, and your method on the piano has absolutely influenced me, for better or for worse, more than you can imagine. Thank you.

Dear Randy,

Welcome to Finland! See you at the Finlandia Hall November 14th!!

Dear Randy,
Am I right that you perform this song for me last time in Apeldoorn?
I will be on 5 November at the cocertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Thanks for considering Des Moines on your 2008 tour this fall.
You have lots of great fans here anxious to experience your performance.
The hall you will be playing, Hoyt Sherman, is sonically perfect. I hope you enjoy it.
Have a great show. See you then.
I still have a my ticket stub and a concert poster when you and Ry Cooder
played in Iowa City back in the 70's. Still a big fan!!!
You are an American strong!

Great!!! and so is the album!!!

See you at the concertgebouw in Amsterdam at 5 November. It must be great to perform there. And can you play " Jolly coppers om parade" .
I' ve seen many performances of you in Holland and you didn't play that song (I think). And when you come again to Holland take that wonderfull band with you, that you played with at the " NPR-concert" Holland deserves it!!!!!!

This is one fo the best songs on the album

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